Happy International Couchsurfing Day, 2014!

Try these tips for fun ways to participate in Couchsurfing!

06/12/2014, is the 7th annual International Couchsurfing Day. This is an occasion for all of us to celebrate being Couchsurfers. So throw a party, throw a picnic, or try something new! Check out these tips for getting more out of CS, and if you see something you haven't tried, what better time than now?

  1. Couchsurf, even if you don't have to.

    Couchsurfing is a great way to explore far away places and foreign cultures, but who says you need a passport to explore? A trip to a nearby city or even a different neighborhood can become an exciting adventure with CS.

  2. Change your "No" status to "Coffee or a drink."

    Just imagine how many people are out there waiting to inspire you with their stories and be inspired by yours! By giving a little of your time, you can find exciting experiences even in the coffee shop around the corner.

  3. Gather the travelers in your town and show them all a good time.

    Think of how many Couchsurfers come to your city every day and leave without ever tasting the best grilled cheese sandwich ever made. Make it your mission to help everyone find that snack bar and all the other great features of your city!

  4. Organize a Couchsurfing event.

    You've been wanting to show off your skills as a margarita-maker. You've also noticed that there are no CS salsa dancing meet-ups in your area. Enthusiasm and a bit of imagination are all it takes to get a great CS event started, so why not give it a try?

  5. Invite someone who has an interesting profile for coffee or a drink.

    You've always wanted to learn how to play guitar, and this guy says he's willing to teach lessons. Plus, he likes your favorite band from the Philippines, which you thought no one had ever heard of. Who knows, maybe you two will start the next big rock band - or at least have a good conversation with a new friend.

  6. Send a postcard or a letter.

    Remember that first host you had on your trip to South America last year? Of course you do! He took you out to see monkeys. He picked you up at the bus station and gave you medicine for the awful cold you got on the way. Sending him a postcard is a great way to say thanks. After all, who wouldn't like a surprise piece of mail?

  7. Learn more about the place you live.

    The Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni once said, "A wise traveler never despises his own country." Couchsurfers who are in love with their cities and are familiar with their history and culture make interesting, inspiring hosts.

  8. Learn how to make a traditional meal from your country.

    Food is an amazing way to learn about a culture even from far away. Next time you go Couchsurfing in another country, give your hosts the chance to experience the flavors of your country.

  9. Have a language exchange.

    The best way to get better at a foreign language is to practice with a native speaker. Find a Couchsurfer in your area who's willing to help you learn their language and wants to learn yours.

  10. Spread the word.

    Tell your friends and fellow travelers about Couchsurfing. Organize a CS event and invite people from your local community. Put a CS sticker on your suitcase and enjoy the conversations it starts.