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Welcome to the group for the largest island in the world, Greenland! Here you can learn about how to get there and how to get around, what to see and what to do, what to expect and prepare for and more.

Here are some useful websites.

Travelling to Greenland:

Between Denmark, Iceland and Greenland, and from June 18 also Canada:
Air Greenland, the national airfare company

Between the rest of the world and Iceland:
Iceland Air and Iceland Express

Between Iceland and Greenland:
Air Iceland

Travelling within Greenland:

Air Greenland, the national airfare company

Arctic Umiaq Line, travel with ferries along the coast

Maniitsoq Tour Boat, sail on weekend trips between Nuuk, Maniitsoq and Kangerlussuaq, or charter ships to any settlement (in Danish)

Arctic Circle Trail, hiking between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut

Tourism sites:

Visit Greenland, the official tourism site of Greenland

World of Greenland, a travel agency group

Greenland Travel, a travel agency

Weather forecast:

Danish Meterological Institute, detailed weather forecast (in Danish)

Norwegian Meterological Institute, weather forecast of selected cities

English news about Greenland:

Greenland Today, a magazine and information site

Funny fact:

A map of Greenland put on top of Europe to give you an idea of the country size:

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Lars-Peter HeilmannLars-Peter Heilmann moderator Cause' Greenland is my heart and everything. 06/20/2007
Parnuna Egede Parnuna Egede moderator I am Greenlandic 12/20/2010
Charlie BraeschCharlie Braesch We're planing a field recording expedition in ilulissat area in june 2014 and also looking for cultural exchange of our work 03/29/2014
Philippe TrottierPhilippe Trottier I moved near Kangerlussuaq 02/20/2014
Denise D MolinDenise D Molin 04/01/2014
Malik LangeMalik Lange Im Greenlandic living in Nuuk 04/04/2014
Andres BuriticaAndres Buritica I'm looking for being there 04/09/2014
Martin HoMartin Ho i´m going there 02/19/2014



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