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I joined CS in October 2007 and have already had the pleasure of hosting. I hope to travel more this year, and would love to get a group going in which members whose hobby (or work) is photography could indicate their willingness to accompany visitors on 'field trips' in their particular locations.

For my part, I'd be pleased to host and accompany anyone wanting to explore Delft or other nearby cities or areas. I don't drive (my international license expired ages ago) but most places of photographic interest are accessible by public transport.

Places that I'm considering over the long term include Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Guernsey, Malta, Italy (Tuscany), Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Crete, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and many others.
And I'm always open to additional suggestions. (-:

If I'm visiting your home and a car is necessary to reach areas of photographic interest, I'd be glad to contribute to fuel or any other related costs.

I might mention that even if someone isn't able to offer a place to stay, travellers could sleep in a nearby B&B or couchsurf at someone else's place and still meet up with a CS photographer for excursions. (I'm trying to work out all of the angles here.)

I look forward to responses. (-:


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BATINBATIN moderator 03/09/2008
Malcolm RutterMalcolm Rutter I love photography and Im over 50... tsk! 05/19/2010
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kufoxman Wkufoxman W just love photography,memories remained. 10/15/2012
Tareq AlobaidTareq Alobaid I am 50+ and a Photographer 06/02/2013
Salvatore DeVito Salvatore DeVito i'm a 50+ photographer:-) 07/11/2013


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