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crazy and stupid ideas : choose !


It's perfect place for me, I'm going to Asia soon ; i don't know where, how long, just ready to leave (in fact may ) i want make something in travel, some artistic idea, films, pictures, strange acting in street...i don't known (if I knew i wasn't here...) I'm an artist of 35, you can see my artwork here :
my wish is to find other energy for build something like entertainment, art-street....something strange, odd...pictures, puppets ? is there somebody a little bit crazy who likes play in life ? What am I doing with my life, heu...in this travel ? enjoy ! everywhere if you fell something in you, contact me, i have to finish to write a scenario in my cheap/dark room... what do you think about land-art? build a new temple ? more stupid ? opening a pizza restaurant in small box in the downtown of Bombay ? made a concert without to know music ? search petrol in Rajasthan ? walk only on one feet during 100 kilometers? if you're this kind of person : we conquer the world !!
sorry for strange sentences and mistakes, I'm french...
I'm waiting your ideas !

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