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This group was inspired by the Los Angeles County group of a similar title.
It has been created to help CS members looking for roommates connect with CS members looking housing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Created: Mar 11, 2008
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Hikecrazy Hikecrazy moderator It will come in useful 06/09/2008
GochujangGochujang moderator I need a place 11/22/2009
CHRIS-A CHRIS-A Interest 05/12/2013
Derya KayaDerya Kaya Looking for a room for rent 04/07/2014
cassbytheseacassbythesea 04/06/2013
Shawn SalemeShawn Saleme .. 12/11/2013
Travis Knapp-prasekTravis Knapp-prasek I am moving to SF in December. 11/25/2009


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Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Room available in 2BR/2BA downtown!Yourui Yeo-  10/28/2013
French MBA student looking for a room from 18th April to end of juneMarc FAVRE-  10/23/2013
Room Available in North Berkeley 3 Blocks from BartZach Long3  10/19/2013
Crap! I'm homelessBenjamin Kamps-  10/12/2013
Looking for a room to rent or sublet from October 3rd (flexible)-end of DecemberPhilip Jason-  09/26/2013
Looking Room in SF (sublet, mid-term) from mid-Oct/Nov onwardsMichal Bicz-  09/23/2013
Looking for a (shared) room in BERKELEY (OKT-NOV)Elisa De Schepper-  09/21/2013
Wanted: Housing for a couple Oct 4-6Allie Thompson-  09/16/2013
New intern to N San Fran, looking for sublet OCT-DECMHOPEB-  09/16/2013
Who needs a room for the next 12 days?CLAUDIA.Wi1  09/16/2013
Looking for a room from Jan-June '14Alina Feustel-  09/13/2013
New intern to San Fran, looking to room!MHOPEB1  09/12/2013
Mission Sublet- Great Location- Sept 15-30- $350ASTARBLAZE2  09/11/2013
Room available or apartment share ASAP!NIAMHCONLON2  09/08/2013
Big Move for Dream Making. Need room ASAP :)duo-jo-  09/06/2013
Seeking a Sept Sublet!DKAPPY1  09/04/2013
Room WANTED in SF from Oct 15thHelene and Brendan-  09/04/2013
Please help! Nice girl is looking for a room :)Anja Wagner-  09/03/2013
Looking for a room in a shared apartment from 10th September 2013Massimo Bennardo1  09/03/2013
Fun Belgian is looking for a shared room/apartment for October/November (I will bring Belgian Chocolates ;) )Elisa De Schepper-  09/02/2013