Location: Other >> CRIME, crimen: ROBBERY & Swindle, ROBO & Estafa, VOL & Arnaque... IN CS

CRIME, crimen: ROBBERY & Swindle, ROBO & Estafa, VOL & Arnaque... IN CS


Couchsurfing has been built based on TRUST and GOOD WILL. Crimes as Robbery and Swindle attempt against these foundations of CS.
Some members have suffered this crimes (STILL very few, luckily) we consider something has to be done to stop this.
This Group has been created to gather your Reports about crimes that YOU have suffered from people using Couchsurfing.
Keeping the CS community informed would help. But most importantly the use of good sense before hosting somebody. Reading their profile is something basic, for instance.

Please use this feature in a responsible way. Do not add the crime of DEFAMATION to those that attempt to destroy TRUST and GOOD WILL, Main Foundations of Couchsurfing.

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CASTAWAYCASTAWAY moderator 03/16/2008
Nathalya LarsonNathalya Larson 07/23/2012
Sherif HishamSherif Hisham 04/10/2012
Darryl Milner Darryl Milner Um...is it real or perceived? 01/20/2011
Orestis Padouvas Orestis Padouvas 04/13/2012
Patrick  CozyPatrick Cozy 07/09/2013
Paul ParkerPaul Parker 08/06/2012


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