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This is a couch surfing group for all Tango Dancers who live in Berlin, want to come to Berlin or for people interested in Argentine Tango. Languages are English, German, italian and Spanish.

If you want to come to Berlin for Tango Dancing, to one of the many festivals, or just want to get to know tango or the milongas, here's the place to seek'n find.

here is an overview of the milongas in Berlin, with all events, lots of dancing schools, etc. : http://www.tangokultur.info/argentino/tangowoche-berlin.htm
you can also find dancing partners there, somewhere. I found my first partners through that site!

There is also a second group I want to mention, here:
You might want to consider joining that group, too.

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Alexander VölzAlexander Völz moderator 03/20/2008
susi Lawsusi Law wanna learn 12/13/2013
MALAIKA12MALAIKA12 06/10/2012
paula Libedinskypaula Libedinsky 02/11/2014
Ola KowalskaOla Kowalska I like to dance :) 11/16/2013
Julia HartlebJulia Hartleb I want to learn, practice and meet new people (and a dancing partner!) 04/16/2014
KALDUN KALDUN I just started to learn Tango and I love it! 07/03/2013
Sandra MichautSandra Michaut 11/02/2010



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Poll: Who is attending the 9th International Berlin Tango Fest?BREA_52821  06/01/2009

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