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Put in a log and sit next to the fire.... :)

This Group is for the campfire loving ones, who are not only surfing couches but also love to surf, sit, laugh and sleep (and do everything else they want;) beside the fire

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Created: Mar 22, 2008
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woiffalwoiffal moderator 03/22/2008
HAARIGS DRIOHAARIGS DRIO We love to make campfire Yeah!!!!!!!!!! 03/22/2008
Joachim LippneggJoachim Lippnegg i love campfire.... 04/20/2008
FIVESENSES FIVESENSES I love camp fires and people 10/10/2009
Ju vo da SoizochJu vo da Soizoch weis gmiatlich is 07/02/2008
Philomena PoberPhilomena Pober love peace and music!! (and campfires for sure) 06/08/2009
Russell Peterson Russell Peterson Campfires connect people soul to soul. 11/10/2009



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Poll: Yippiiiieeeee! Grab your Pack and come! Fullmoon time and fire´s onwoiffal2  04/19/2008

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Vollmondlagerfeuer!!!HAARIGS DRIO1  04/08/2008
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Hallo, Hallo gfreit mi dass wer vorbeischautwoiffal1  03/22/2008