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ILLES BALEARS: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera


This Group is for CouchSurfers from Illes Balears and also for those who are coming here to exchange information, to facilitate meetings, to arrange hosting of CouchSurfers...

*If you are new to the Group, please, READ THE GUIDELINES before posting a message.
ILLES BALEARS: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera
Este grupo es para CouchSurfers de Illes Balears y también para aquellos que vienen aquí para intercambiar información, para organizar encuentros, para organizar la acogida de CouchSurfers ...

*Si eres nuevo en el grupo, por favor, lee las guías de actuación antes de postear.

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GALVANOPLASTICAGALVANOPLASTICA moderator Because I live in one of them 07/31/2008
Sebastiana Riera JuanSebastiana Riera Juan moderator 05/08/2009
Olivia Casañ CerdeiriñaOlivia Casañ Cerdeiriña moderator 04/21/2010
Rouse MayaRouse Maya I love and live in Mallorca ;) 09/15/2012
Bryant PatrickBryant Patrick 03/17/2014
Kyle DimovKyle Dimov I'm joining this group cause I'm interested in eventual finding a couch in Ibiza. I also want to get some info and maybe meet some friends! 04/15/2014
CLAUDIA.boundCLAUDIA.bound I will be in Mallorca from May and I am looking for any opportunity there :-) 04/14/2014
SUNNYSURFERSUNNYSURFER Wanna meet new people in Mallorca 06/01/2012


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Group Posts

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Buscando alquilar una habitación Alquiler de vacaciones o privado manana!LALUNA7-  08/23/2012
Ibiza 30.8 - 4.9Elisa Maria Nadal-  08/21/2012
Menorca 24.8-31.8Millamaija Koskelin-  08/21/2012
Why don`t we learn how to sail in Croatia this September?Dominik Sarapata-  08/20/2012
Empty Flat to rent until 25 of August in Palma de MallorcaCarlos Dancing-  08/19/2012
Seeking accommodation until Monday 20 noonWillyeni Hernández-  08/18/2012
Hola alguien me puede hospedar durante tres díasWillyeni Hernández-  08/17/2012
Mallorca for my birthday sep 2 - 8Amy Carmichael-  08/14/2012
Sept. 5 to 22 - share an apartmentPippo B-  08/13/2012
2nd Annual Texas Couch Crash - Dallas, Sept 28-30Tu Ngo1  08/12/2012
Ibiza/Formentera, wanna hang out? Be there un til August 24thLONELY1LONER-  08/10/2012
Looking for someone to hang-out in MallorcaArtūras Ateitis-  08/06/2012
Septiembre 2012 - ¿hay barcos entre islas?Michel RELET-  08/05/2012
Italian Boy come to Ibiza!Davide Borhani1  08/03/2012
I am an Italian girl 1-8 August looking for travel mate and a place to stayMarzia Mizzon3  08/03/2012
24 - 30TH AUG PEOPLE & PLACESony Dhokia-  08/02/2012
Travelling with my bycicle from Barcelona to Formentera?Dodi Fog-  08/02/2012
will be in menorca on aug 9-13, 2012.. anyone?MAYINTOKYO-  08/01/2012
Does someone has a boat or know someone who has a boat?GROOVEGIRL-  07/31/2012
Looking for wheare to stay(room,flat,apartments-not expensive!!) for 2 weeks near BarcelonaMaryana Batrshyna-  07/30/2012