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Alaska needs more population


It is a pitty that the population of Alaska won't grow anymore. That is the reason why we need more babies and immigrants for and to Alska. Join us and buy a flight ticket to Alaska. It is a lovely place, you will like it. It isn't such a cold place as you would expect it. Come to us to Alaska. you are always welcome!

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Jason BischoffJason Bischoff Planning on moving! 04/11/2013
Ha®®y™ SahadevanHa®®y™ Sahadevan 02/20/2013
Connor KnappConnor Knapp I am increasing the population 08/23/2012
Naara CarvalhoNaara Carvalho 04/22/2013
Steve  CruzSteve Cruz I will be moving there in the summer 01/17/2012
Benoit MinougouBenoit Minougou 03/06/2011
Isaac Peterson Isaac Peterson I live in Alaska 07/27/2012
Edward GutierrezEdward Gutierrez finding work 04/16/2012


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