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Barcelona city of Metal


This is a specific group for all the people around the world and all the people from Barcelona that love Rock, Heavy metal and any of his sub-genres.
People can post here to meet people in all our beloved pubs...Valhalla, BB+,Crussader, to going to shows together or just take some beers( all people can join that- well all people can join the group if they wanna try:))We don't bite and and we know soap goodness!!
Metal till die!!!

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Created: Mar 27, 2008
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SMILINGFREESMILINGFREE moderator Because I'm a humble serf of metal 03/27/2008
KHRISCH KHRISCH an Italian Metalhead that need an host in Barcelona for 15-18Feb 2017 (3 nights) or just need a metal sceene 01/31/2014
Nuno Carvalho Nuno Carvalho Metalhead here! 08/14/2013
Alex VaqueroAlex Vaquero it's the journey not the destination as we know 02/03/2011
Cindy ZahndCindy Zahnd Metal head and in barcelona right now 03/28/2014
Sarah GrashalmSarah Grashalm Because metal is forever! 10/15/2011
Warsha BWarsha B to check if there are any concerts out there 10/23/2013
Henna KHenna K 10/26/2013


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desperatly need metal couchZero Selon-  10/21/2010
Reunión general de MetalerosSMILINGFREE6  10/18/2010
Any good metal events on tuesday the 19th of october?Julie Iversen-  10/18/2010
Guns 'N Roses - 23.10stehaufundspring4  09/27/2010
metal tonight?Fred Koch3  09/18/2010
ManowarDaniel Rivas10  09/12/2010
RATM@MADRIDDavie Diomedi-  06/01/2010
Q-Tres tonight, Rage against the machine cover band, 5Eurosstehaufundspring6  04/02/2010
Megadeth - Razzmatazz 01.06.2010stehaufundspring2  04/02/2010
Hanging together?SMILINGFREE8  03/27/2010
New shows!SMILINGFREE-  02/04/2010
BLACK METAL NIGHT - Mephisto 12th DecAngebeer4  12/12/2009
any concerts tonight?Ingo Lüchtefeld1  12/12/2009
Paradise Lost & Samael Tue 15th DecAngebeer-  11/19/2009
metal gigs in BARCELONADuarte Oliveira-  10/26/2009
two shows 6 bandsSMILINGFREE-  09/27/2009
Photonic coming to Barcelona - end of OctoberFLIPSTAR.TV2  09/02/2009
Canadian metalheads looking for a couch for one night only!Meaghan Underhill-  09/01/2009
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