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Barcelona Book Exchange Club


Now, I know that the BCN couchies like to read. And what happens when were are done with our books. Why not give them a new life, and let someone else read them, and in return, get something new to read.

SO I propose this new group. The Goal of this group is to meet bi-monthly, and exchange books, and give recommendations about books, and really just anything on the subject. The main focus will be on books in English, since our options are a little more limited here in BCN.

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Created: Mar 31, 2008
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Shanti MarthallerShanti Marthaller moderator 03/31/2008
André, Susana and Mel  Gris Rodrigues André, Susana and Mel Gris Rodrigues Love booksss 08/16/2010
Aurea FernandezAurea Fernandez 05/22/2009
Ricardo Silva Ricardo Silva CS Meeting 04/05/2011
BOMONBOMON I've got hundreds of books in English to swap (no joke) 04/18/2013
maria Torresmaria Torres I like reading and share books 04/05/2014
Hugo DíazHugo Díaz Tengo libros en Español, Inglés y Francés y me gustaría intercambiarlos! 05/22/2011
Perrine SchlumpfPerrine Schlumpf love to read and 08/29/2013


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literatura por internet _ ONLINE LITERATUREKarla de German-  05/06/2010
Big Book Sale on 23.04. Sagrada Familia 13.00GennyM-  04/21/2010
Intercanvi de llibres per Sant JordiOlivia R-  03/23/2010
'No Logo' by Naomi KleinNiya Georgieva1  03/09/2010
mes llibres per canviar... more books to exchangeSilvia Parra-  01/20/2010
book available for exchangeSilvia Parra3  01/20/2010
anybody e-books?Mariano Slutzky2  01/19/2010
un article interessant sobre llibres desegona ma a BCNSilvia Parra-  01/19/2010
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shadow of the wind in english for the one in spanish?Katia Stolyarova-  01/11/2010
second hand book shop?Christelle MISKIZAK7  01/10/2010
Emmergency couch request - 2nd to 5th Oct in Barcelona !!!Nancy CHEN2  10/03/2009
Anyone got some English books?Daniel Watson2  09/03/2009
We have too much stuff to take on the plane :( Getting rid of my FAVORITE BOOKS!Caitlin Matteson-  06/28/2009
Moving soon- lots of great books in English available!Caitlin Matteson1  06/16/2009
barcelona lonely planet &guìa de barcelona de carlos ruìz zafònAline + Jhon-  05/29/2009
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