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Guimarães is a city founded in the IX century with the original name Vimaranes by the Countess Mumadona Dias when she built a monastery and a castle to protect the people that lived there promoting the fixation of people around it. In 1096 the city was so important that become the capital of the Portucalense County of the kingdom of Galiza ruled by the count D. Henrinque that had son of the name Afonso Henriques that in is adults years reclaimed independence from Galzia and started the foundation of the country known today as Portugal accomplishing that in the year of 1124 on the Battle of S. Mamede. This is the reason why Guimarães is known as the cradle of Portugal.

Nowadays the city counts with 52200 habitants and during the year of 2012 is the European Capital of Culture.

Useful links:
http://tug.com.pt/ (Public transports of Guimarães)

Cultural Centers and associations in Guimarães:
Centro Cultural Vila Flor-> http://www.ccvf.pt/
Centro para os Assuntos de Arte e Arquitectira-> http://www.centroaaa.org/
São Mamede-> http://www.sao-mamede.com/
Circulo de Arte e Recreio-> http://circulodearteerecreio.blogspot.com/
Associação Convivio-> http://conviviogmr.blogspot.com/
Cineclube Guimarães-> http://cineclubeguimaraes.org/
Associação Vimaranense para a Ecologia-> https://manifestoverde.wordpress.com/

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