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Madrid: Renting Rooms


Join this group to find a place or roommates or both .... and CS friendly!!!

This group is where all accomodation posts should be placed. We are principally talking about PERIODS LONGER THAN ONE WEEK. A week or under could be considered a period for hosting!

This group is NOT for people to put couch requests up however - the best way to get a couch is to send personalised couch requests directly to the cs hosts!

It is a more efficient way of helping your search for roommates or accommodation than placing a post in the main Madrid group which is thankfully full of the social and other posts!!

If you join the group specifically for roommates or places you can give this reason as to why youre joining - if your needs change all you need do then is to update this part of your group settings!

Dont forget though to post a message with your accomodation or roommate request!! This way you can give more information about your need and people can reply to it!

interesting websites for looking for a room:

http://www.idealista.com (Best site for now for his quality).
http://www.loquo.com (A lot of ads).

Then you can have a look too to these sites:

Posibles ayudas
Comunidad de Madrid - Portal Vivienda
Ministerio de Vivienda

Prices for a room in a shared flat:
250 €: you can have a room in the Madrid suburbs or very small (or without window) in the center if you have luck.

around 300-350 €: it's the medium price for a room in Madrid. But dificult to find a really good one.

400 € and more: in this case you can find a good room, big or beautiful, and in a good area. Don't give up if you don't find immediatly.

You have to add bills, more or less between 20 € and 30 € per month and per person.

Usually one or two months of deposit. Normally one should be enough.

If you stay only one or two month, the prices can be higher (except in summer).

In summer, it's easier to find a room and you can negociate prices (just for july and august) because all the students are out of Madrid.

In september and october, it's more dificult to find something because everybody is looking for. You have to be very reactive.

Don`t pay in advance! The best way to find a room is to come and visit it personaly. You can find a room in some days.

And don't forgive, choose well your home because your stay in Madrid can be very diferent in function on how you feel good with yours flatmates. Madrid is a very open city and you will meet nice people who can give you good tips and advices for finding a good place to stay.

Beware with doing business!!!
¡¡Cuidado con hacer negocio!!

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