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Afghanistan Country Group!!!

Before You Arrive:
Make sure you have a valid Afghan visa, (more info, Afghan Visas Section)

Afghan Overland Borders:
If you are coming into the country from Uzbekistan you can take a bus or a shared cab first from Hairatan to Mazar-e-Sharif and then another cab or bus from there to Kabul, you can drive safely all the way to Kabul while checking out the beautiful snow-covered Salang Mountains on your way down. I would strongly recommend you to avoid traveling on this road after sunset, since there has been reported highway robbery.

Uzbek and Tajik authorities may shut the border for no apparent reason sometimes, so make sure you check things thoroughly on the their side before crossing.

If you are coming from Turkmenistan or Iran, then you can only drive safely till Herat city and then you HAVE TO fly (for about US$150 one-way to Kabul, more info, Airlines Section), ALL roads starting from Herat towards eastern or southern parts are unsafe.

If you are not a citizen of Pakistan or Afghanistan, then unfortunately you are NOT ALLOWED to cross the border from Pakistan, as the Pakistani authorities have banned all foreigners from traveling in their tribal areas. The only other available option is to fly, either with Ariana, Kam Air or the PIA. They all have a couple of weekly flights from both Peshawar and Islamabad.
(more info, Airlines Section)

Crossing the border from Tajikistan into Kunduz is NOT recommended, as there has been a lot of terrorist activities lately.

Safety in Afghanistan:
Safety in Afghanistan is a relative concept, traveling in a conflict zone always carries an element of risk and the fact is that anything can happen anywhere, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Afghanistan is not really a place to naively wander around like some other countries in the region, bearing that in mind, it is a wonderful country with a lot of lovely things to see and do, so here is a guide to the more and less risky areas:

These places are Low Risk!
Kabul, Bamiyan, Mazar, Samangan, Herat, Baghlan, Badakhshan, Maimana etc.. pretty much most northern and central parts of the country (exceptions applied).

These places are High Risk/Off limits!
Logar, Wardak, Ghazni, Zabul, Kandahar, Hilmand, Nimrooz, Paktya, Paktika, Khost, pretty much all southern and eastern parts.

Road Safety:
Driving in these roads is low or no risk:
Kabul-Mazar-Uzbekistan Border. (Daytime Only)
Kabul-Mazar-Maimana Only, NOT further!

You can download a latest and detailed Afghanistan Security Access Map in PDF format (1.5 MB), from the link below:
Afghanistan Security Access Map 2009!

This information was last updated in April-2013!!!

People, Society and Religion:
Afghanistan's main religion is Islam (85% Sunni & 15% Shi'a). You will also find some other religious minorities, such as Hindus, Sikhs and Jews (Totaling less than 1% of the 29 million population, 2009).

Despite the fact that there are numerous bars and restaurants serving liquor and other unislamic dishes in Kabul, Islam in Afghanistan is both a religion and tradition, nothing outside of Islamic Sharia law is acceptable nor negotiable. Bearing that in mind, please NEVER argue with people about anything Islam-related, unless you know them really well and feel comfortable with them.

If you want to take pictures of the people (especially women & more significantly the Pashtuns), make sure you get their permission first. Taking pictures of men and non-Pashtuns may not require any permission whatsoever.

Taking pictures of embassies, governmental establishments, cantonment areas and army convoys is strictly prohibited and by doing so you can put yourself in a lot of trouble up to confiscation of your camera and/or spending a few nights under tough interrogation at the NDS (Afghan Intelligence, they are really bad!).

In the countryside and rural areas, people NEVER shake hands with the opposite sex, instead they will take their hands to their chests and show respect, so don't be offended, as it is their way of life. In Kabul people are mostly liberal and don't care for all that.

Here you can download an Ethnic Composition Map of Afghanistan! in GIF foramt (85 KB)

Political Tips:
Afghanistan's conventional long name is "Islamic Republic of Afghanistan"
(local long form: Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Afghanestan).

Afghanistan is surprisingly very democratic when it comes to freedom of speech and media, unlike some other countries in the region like Iran, Kazakhstan, Thailand, China or Uzbekistan where you can’t talk about the government or the political leader(s).

There may be some few people who still show their love and respect to the former Northern Alliance commander Ahmad Shah Masoud (deceased) and would be offended if you talk against him, but then again NOT everybody is his supporter and a lot of people don't care about him.

Unlike certain countries in the region, by law there is no dress-code for men nor women, technically you can wear anything you want, the main reason foreign women wear scarves is not to draw too much attention from local men, as they might be considered "too open".

Hitch-Hiking & Important Traveling Tips in Afghanistan:
The concept of a backpacker sticking his/her thumb out in the highway is pretty much non-existent, so I would advise you NOT to do it.

When in the rural areas, please keep in mind the followings:

- Please wear traditional clothes, as it is recommended.
- If you are traveling as a couple, please tell everyone that you are a “married couple” and not just living together.
- Women.... Please always wear a scarf outdoors, don't talk about sex, booze, bacon or any other “blasphemous” things!
- Men.... Please don't talk about booze or bacon or any other “blasphemous” things!
- Atheists.... Please say that you are either Christians or Buddhists or at least believe in some form of god!

Once in Kabul city, almost non of the rules above apply to you!

You can download a Kabul City Map and Kabul Province Map from the links below:
Kabul City Map for Tourists! (PDF Format) 10 MB.
Kabul Province Map! (PDF Format) 400 KB.

Languages in Afghanistan:
Afghanistan is comprised of numerous races, tribes, traditions and rituals, so it’s is not surprising to have too many different languages and dialects. Persian a.k.a Dari and Pashto are the official languages as well as commonly spoken throughout the country.

If you don't speak any of the languages mentioned above, then you may face some minor problems getting around the countryside but with a little luck you may meet someone who speaks a European language. I’d recommend you to buy a Persian/Dari phrasebook before you travel to the remote parts of the country, as it is the predominant language of Afghanistan.

Once you are in Kabul or any other major city, then almost every second or third person will be able to communicate with you in English or some other language (at least in a basic and understandable level).

You can download a language map of Afghanistan in JPG format (1 MB), from the link below:
Languages Map of Afghanistan!

Health & Vaccination Information:
Yellow Fever: An International Certificate of
Vaccination for Yellow Fever may be required upon arrival if arriving within six days from an infected area. Children under one year are exempted. Required from all travelers arriving from a yellow-fever-infected area in Africa or the Americas. May NOT be required otherwise.

Cholera: Cholera is reported in some areas of the country.

Malaria: Malaria risk exists in all areas of Afghanistan, including urban areas from May to November. Resistance to Chloroquine is reported.

The following vaccinations are also "recommended" and NOT "compulsive":
Hepatitis A = Recommended for all travelers!
Hepatitis B = Recommended for all travelers!
Typhoid = Recommended for all travelers!
Influenza = Recommended for all travelers!
Polio = One-time booster recommended for any adult traveler who completed the childhood series but never had polio vaccine as an adult!
Rabies = For travelers spending a lot of time outdoors, or at high risk for animal bites, or involved in any activities that might bring them into direct contact with bats or vulgar dogs!
Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) = Two doses recommended for all travelers born after 1956, if not previously given!
Tetanus-diphtheria = Revaccination recommended every 10 years!

These are the options for air traveling to/in Afghanistan:
Kam Air
Safi Airways
Ariana Afghan Airlines
Pakistan International Airlines

I can try to pick you up from the airport if you send me an email in advance with your exact arrival date and time otherwise you can either take a cab or a minibus, make sure you say NO to those people who offer you a cab when you walk out of the terminal, as they will charge you extreme amounts of money.

You can walk a little bit further and then take a cab from the main road outside the airport compound, it won't cost you more than US$5 to go anywhere in downtown.

Cheap public transport in the city goes to all directions, these are the options mostly common...call cabs, street cabs, shared directional cabs, buses, mini-buses and rent-a-cars.

If you don't like the hassle above and want an easy and fairly reasonable pickup, then you can call one of these three logistic companies below. They do airport pickups for around US$10 anywhere in the city.

Afghan Logistics: +93 700 44 33 11 & +93 799 39 14 62 (Expensive)
Zuhak Logistics: +93 799 40 90 30 (Fair)
ATL Tours: +93 797 14 11 10 (Least Expensive and On-Time) (This my favorite Taxi Company and I use them myself)

You don't have to call them a lot in advance, just call them when you enter the Kabul terminal while waiting in the immigration line, if you don't have a cell phone, ask any other passenger who has one, people are mostly nice and helpful and won't mind lending you their phones.

If you want to travel around the country, then you should rent a car or take a shared cab, if you want, I can help you get a reasonable deal which will cost you much less than the companies who provide these services, because they always charge you huge amounts of money, their policy is to scare off the customers for so many potential threats.

Money and Expenses:
Afghanistan's money is called "Afghanis" and the exchange rate in the past 11 years (2002-2013) has been between Afs.45 to Afs.55 against One American Dollar. US$100 will get you around Afs. 5000±.

There are several ATMs (Visa &/or MasterCard Only) functioning in Kabul which can give you either Afs or US$ on demand but due to security reasons not all of them are available 24 hours a day, so it’s always good to have some little cash in your pocket. Also POS (Point of Sale) machines are now available in some major shops throughout Kabul. (For ATM locations...please scroll down to Kabul Essentials)

Kabul has around 30,000+ expatriates from numerous nations living and working in and around it, therefore you get to see a lot of different currencies being used in the markets, the following currencies are more likely to be accepted in pretty much any decent shop.

United States Dollars - Euros - Pakistani Rupees -
United Kingdom Pounds (Bank of England Bills Only).

Other currencies such as Indian Rupees, Canadian Dollars, Russian Robles, Iranian & Saudi Rials, UAE Darhams, Japanese and Chinese Yens...etc.. will not be accepted, but they can be easily exchanged in the famous money bazaar of Kabul called the Sarai Shah Zada, Here is my favorite money changer's phone number (Sat-Thu 9:00 am till 4:00 pm) +93 (0) 20 210 0756.

Here are some random rates for random things, which will help you figure out how much things cost here:

US$1 = Afs. 54.2 (April, 2013)

- One pack of Marlboro costs US$2 (cheaper cigarettes are also available, as low as $0.30 per pack).
- One kilogram of packed chicken costs US$4 (unpacked is cheaper).
- One bottle of mineral water costs US$0.50 (1.5 l), (500 ml is US$ 0.30)
- A lunch or dinner in a restaurant can cost from US$ 2 to US$ 40, depending on the restaurant.
- Heineken costs US$4 at the markets, but can cost up to US$7 in bars and restaurants.
- One bottle of very good red wine costs US$15 at the market, but can cost up to US$40 in restaurants and bars.
- A onetime decent grocery shopping for 3 people for one day can cost up to US$ 10, but you can also survive with US$7.
- Any local cab ride for 5 km costs US$4 (Maximum).
- A “not bad” hotel costs US$25 per night (shared bath).
- A fairly better hotel with attached bathroom and bigger rooms can cost between US$50-80
- Renting a small house of 2-4 rooms can cost you from US$ 400 to US$ 1500 per month, bigger houses can be up to US$ 4,000 or even US$ 20,000 per month.
- Renting your own car can cost you around US$ 500-600 (per month) (fuel extra).
- One liter of Petrol is US$1, one liter of Diesel is more-less about the same.
- GSM sim cards cost around US$ 2 (value credit included)(go for "Etisalat", they offer the best rates for both local and international calls). I can buy you a sim-card before you arrive and have it ready for you, but you gotta send me a copy of your passport's front (photo) page along with your current valid Afghan visa through an email attachment.
- International calls cost US$0.35 or less.
- Pretty much all restaurants and coffee shops have fast free Wi-Fi.

* Note: All rates are inclusive of all taxes and hotel rates are inclusive of taxes & breakfast.

AJ's Walk-of-the-Town:
It is a walk for over 3 hours in the old town Kabul mostly on a weekday, where we go take a lot of pictures and see great crowds of people buying and selling stuff!
Fun is definitely guaranteed!!!
I sometimes think I should get paid at least for this service of mine, but then it would spoil the fun, wouldn't it???

Other Useful Information:
- International dialing code is (+93).
- GMT +04:30.
- Electricity voltage is 220V.
- System is metric (cm, m, km, kg)
- Left-hand drive (like the USA, not the UK)
- Best time to be here is from March to June.

Afghan Visas:
Citizens of all countries need to obtain an Afghan visa from one of the Afghan Embassies around the world.

(No Nationalities are exempted)
(No On Arrival Visas)

Here is the link for detailed information:
Afghan Embassies/Diplomatic Missions around the World

If you are a tourist or a private visitor, make sure you apply for a Tourist Type Visa and NOT an Entry Type Visa, cos if you do, then before you leave, you have to go to the foreign registration office, which is located inside the Ministry of Interior's compound (Sat-Wed, 9:00am-3:00pm) and take an accreditation, taking the document will take you at least 3-5 hours (if you are lucky), but there is no need for it if you have a Tourist Type Visa.

Foreigners need to fill a white form upon their arrival and keep it till they leave, if you fail to do so, then you will face a lot of hassle before leaving.

More and more Afghan embassies around the world now require 2 passport-size photographs from the applicants, the photos don't have a fixed dimension, just submit two white background, normal size, recent photos. Female applicants don't have to worry for the headscarf as the law in Afghanistan doesn't force you to wear one.

Here you can download the Afghanistan Visa Form

Afghan Government recognizes dual citizenship, this means those who were born in Afghanistan or who have Afghan-born parents, DO NOT need a visa even with Non-Afghan passports.

Those who have Afghan-born parents but they themselves weren't born here will need to take an accreditation letter from the closest Afghan mission....it is NOT a visa, it just proves that you are Afghan. This letter will work as a multiple/indefinite entry visa and you can stay in the country for as long as you want without any registrations at all.

For special cases, I might be able to send you an invitation letter if I feel you are a genuine person who really tried hard to get a visa and couldn't' get one.

Kabul Essentials:

Hotels and Guest-houses:

-Mustafa Hotel (No website)
Charahi Sadarat, +93 700 20 33 05, +93 799 31 43 51.
(Centrally Located, reasonable prices, small rooms, maybe cold in winter)

-Kabul Serena Hotel
Froshgah Street, Kabul, +93 799 654 000.
(Rooms are ridiculously expensive, Restaurant and pastry shop isn't bad for the price)

-Safi Landmark Hotel & Suites
Charahi Ansari, Kabul, +93 20 220 31 21.
(Centrally located, mid-range hotel, big shopping center inside)

-The Intercontinental Hotel
Baghe Bala Road, Kabul, +93 20 220 13 21
(Located 15 minutes drive from downtown, My favorite hotel in all of Kabul, Definitely worth the price, beautiful view of Kabul, superb location, restaurant worth every cent)

-Gandamack Lodge (No webiste)
Sherpour Square, Opposite the Iranian Embassy, +93 700 276 937.
(Centrally located, Not the best place to stay, but ain't bad either, has a typical British pub downstairs always filled with Brits, they were recently raided by the Afghan Intelligence for harboring illegal weapons)

-The International Club, (No website)
Haji Yaqoob Square, Street 3, Share Nau, +93 774 763 858.
(Centrally Located, New inexperienced hotel, mid-range prices, not the best place to stay in Kabul)

-Golden Star Hotel
Haji Yaqoob Square, Share Nau, Kabul, +93 799 333 088, +93 799 557 281
(Centrally located, Again one of those newly built hotels, small rooms, high prices, has a not-bad terrace restaurant called Khosha, food is very unhealthy, but sometimes tasty)

-Roshan Hotel (No website)
Turabaz Khan Square, Share Nau, Kabul, +93 799 335 424.
(Centrally located in a crowded shopping district, mid-range prices, restaurant is terrible, coffee shop is even worse, again NOT the best place to stay!)

-Some other random hotels and guest houses:
(Please note that I haven't been in any of the below, hence I can't write anything about them, but they may be good or bad or I don't know...better have some information than none!)

-Park Star Hotel - +93 777 220 221 / +93 786 220 221 / +93 706 220 221.

-Marco Polo Inn Guest House - +93 775 549 700

-Sanpo Guest House - +93 706 722 126

-Baron Hotel - +93 789 768 129 / +93 796 250 433

For more hotels and guest house...please don't hesitate to contact me, since almost every month there is a new one being opened.

Restaurants and Bars: (Also check above, Hotels have restaurants)


Muslim Street, Share Nau, Kabul, +93 774 212 256, +93 700 210 651
(Best place for real Afghan food, serves in a very traditional style, very clean, sometimes live Afghan music, doesn't serve any liquor, but you can take your own. prices are not bad)

Qala-e-Fatullah Main Road, between streets 5 & 6, +93 799 557 021.
(Some people complained about the service, sometimes serves wine and beer, sometimes live Afghan music, if Sufi is full, it can be an alternative)

-Herat Restaurant,
Share Nau, Main Road, Diagonally opposite Share Nau Park.
(Food made me sick once, never bothered to go there again, food is cheap, no booze)


-The Lounge,
Lane 2nd left, off Street 15, Wazir Akbar Khan, +93 796 174 718, +93 700 037 634.
(This place is not popular for the food it serves, but for the alcoholic drinks, can be a nice place for one or two visits, but NOT more)

-Fat Man/What-a-Burger Cafe,
Main Wazir Akbar Khan Road, On the bend near Masoud Circle, +93 700 298 301, +93 777 151 510.
(Good burgers, bad coffees, not bad snacks, reasonable prices)

-L'Atmosphere (Name being Changed),
Street 4, Taimani, +93 798 224 982, +93 798 413 872.
(Clean food, healthy too, shakes are very bad, has a good bar, horrible sound system and music, the place is always packed with smokers, although in summers pool-side is really nice)

-Wakhan Cafe,
Charahi Haji Yaqub, 2nd Street to the right, +93 799 222 419, +93 708 000 011.
(The best coffees in town, not bad snacks and burgers, very clean, slow service, reasonable prices, if you go there regularly, the management will give you a bonus discount up to 25%, no smoking inside which is the best thing, during summer it has a nice open lawn for smokers, owner himself is a CouchSurfer and offers a onetime free coffee for any new CouchSurfer who goes there)

-Flower Street Cafe,
Street 2 on the left, Qala-e-Fatullah, +93 700 293 124, +93 799 356 319.
(Nice old house, coffee isn't good, but snacks are, very clean, always playing good music from mini speakers, has a nice lawn, prices are reasonable)

-Cabul Coffee House,
Street 6 on the left, Qala-e-Fatullah, +93 752 005 275.
(Service is really bad sometimes, really over priced menu, coffee is good though, snacks aren't bad, has a lawn, go there when all the other coffee shops are full)

-Le Bistro,
One street up from the chicken street, Behind the Ministry of Interior's building, Share Nau, +93 799 598 852.
(Really good food, paradise for dieting people, serves good wines and other drinks, cakes and bakeries are also very good, menu is really over priced, but good for a few time visits).

-Red Hot Sizzlin' Steakhouse,
District 16, First Macroryan, Nader Khan Hill Area, +93 799 733 468.
(Good place to go once a week, serves plenty of liquor, very good steaks, food in general isn't bad, prices are reasonable)

Tex Mex:

-La Cantina,
Third left, off Butcher Street, Share Nau, +93 798 271 915.
(Good food, clean, has a small bar, prices are kinda high, worth going at least once)


-Taverne du Liban,
Street 15, Lane 3 on the right, Wazir Akbar Khan, +93 799 828 376.
(Good atmosphere, tasty food, as usual high prices, serves liquor, I like going here sometimes)

-The Grill,
Street 15, Round the corner on the main the round-about, +93 799 818 283, +93 799 792 879.
(This place is kinda getting cliche for me, I used to like the food here, but that is history now, but some people still go there from time to time)

-Cedar House,
Behind Kabul City Center in Charahi Ansari, Share Nau, +93 799 121 412.
(Serves very good food, clean, reasonable prices, you can take your own liquor, cos they don't serve any)


Main Road on the right if you are coming from Masoud Circle between Masoud Circle and Jalalabad Road Roundabout, +93 799 407 818.
(This is a very good restaurant to eat Turkish food, good Turkish pizzas and desserts and best of all is the buffet salad worth every cent (Afs. 250), clean, cozy atmosphere, very reasonable prices and unlike all the other restaurants where you have to go through at least 3 different security checks to get in, here it is not like that, I always love going here no matter what)


Pakistan Embassy Street, off Street 14, Wazir Akbar Khan, +93 799 342 928.
(Its not a bad restaurant, I LOVE their lamp chops a.k.a sheshlik kebab, but thats about it, everything else is slightly below average, if you go there, just order the lamb chops which comes with free rice and salad and you won't regret it)


-Everest Pizza,
Street 10, Wazir Akbar Khan, just round the corner on the main road, +93 700 263 636, +93 779 317 979.
(It's quite alright for pizzas in a country like Afghanistan, although I didn't have my best pizzas in Kabul here, prices are good and service is not bad either)

Street 10, Wazir Akbar Khan, Next to the Standard Chartered Bank, +93 799 200 600.
(Fancy place, serves plenty of liquor too, East European waitresses who speak crappy English but they serve good, fresh daily made bakery shop, food here is good but definitely NOT worth the price, I go here at least once in two weeks)

-Bella Italia,
Street 14, Wazir Akbar Khan, +93 799 600 666.
(OK place, good atmosphere, semi-high prices, worth going at least once)

-Springfield Restaurant,
Lane 3, Street 15, Wazir Akbar Khan, +93 799 001 520.
(Newly opened restaurant, good atmosphere, hight prices of course, good food, worth going more than once)


Street 15, Wazir Akbar Khan, between lanes 2 and 3 on the right, +93 772 011 120.
(Food is good here, but its doesn't taste Indian to be honest, prices are fairly reasonable, service is good too)

-Delhi Darbar,
Share Nau, close to the UK sports, +93 799 324 899.
(I don't like this place myself, but it doesn't mean everyone is the same, you may like it or maybe not)

-Anar restaurant,
Lane 3, Street 14, Wazir Akbar Khan, +93 799 567 291.
(I went here only once and I had to drink 5 bottles of water, because the food was extra hot, although I asked for not-spicy food, but maybe the waiter didn't know what it meant to serve non-spicy)


-Golden Key Seafood Restaurant,
Lane 4, Street 13, Wazir Akbar Khan, +93 799 002 800, +93 799 343 319.
(I have never been to this restaurant, so I can't really comment on it. The reason I haven't been there is because I went to another "Seafood Restaurant" and I puked for two days. Please note that this does NOT mean that this or the below mentioned restaurants are going to be the same. As a matter of fact if you ever go to one you can share your experience with other CSers by writing me about it. I'll make sure to put it up here.)

-Mai Thai,
House 38, Lane 2 on the left, Street 15, Wazir Akbar Khan, +93 796 423 040, +93 772 001 300.
(This is a really nice and cozy restaurant, they have a nice bar, live music and even a karaoke....their food is also fresh and nice, prices are medium highish)

-New World,
Between Charahi Haji Yaqoob and Charahi Ansari, on the right, Share Nau, +93 799 199 509.
(sorry, but again, same as above)

*** Please note:
EasyFood, +93 796 555 000 & +93 796 555 001, delivers from pretty much all restaurants. They have a service charge and most of the times they will get you your order when it is no longer hot.

Supermarkets, Grocers & Butchers:

-A-One Supermarket,
Bottom of Share Nau Park.

Share Nau Main Road, Opposite Kabul Bank.

-Afghan Spinneys,
Wazir Akbar Khan, Opposite British Embassy.

-Finest Supermarket,
Wazir Akbar Khan, next to the Grill Restaurant.

-Fat Man Forest (Butcher),
Wazir Akbar Khan, Main Road.

-Enayat Modern Butcher,
Qala-e-Fatullah Main Road, near street 4.


-Kabul City Center

-AIB Main Office, Charahi Shaheed.

-AIB Share Nau Branch, next to Chelsea Day-to-day Supermarket.

-HQ ISAF, Outside Cianos Pizzeria, US Embassy Street. (NOT for civilians)

-KAIA Military Airbase, Outside Cianos Pizzeria, Airport. (NOT for civilians)

-Inside Finest Supermarket, Share Nau, (the small Finest in Wazir Akbar Khan is temporarily closed for reopening).

-Inside the Afghan Spinney's Super Market (they have two different ATMs)

-Standard Chartered Bank, Street 10, Wazir Akbar Khan (Visa cards only)

-There are several other ATMs being opened almost every week or so.

Courier Services in Afghanistan:
Despite poor publicity, Afghan state post actually happens to be one of the most reliable and cheapest in the whole country, they charge a fraction of what all the other International couriers will charge. As a good example, say you want to send a standard postcard from Kabul to Europe/US, DHL and pretty much all the other international courier companies will charge you US$100+(ONE HUNDRED), but if you use Afghan state post, not only they will stick Afghan stamps on them (which is cool), but also charge you only US$1 (ONE)

Here are the contact details:

-Afghan State Post:

For postcards, envelopes and small parcels of 1 gram - 2 kilos, call these numbers: +93 20 210 1147 & +93 20 210 1116.
For packages of 2 kilos - 30 kilos, call this number: +93 20 210 4318.

Please note that they may not speak fluent English, so its better to ask a local friend talk to them.

Working hours: Saturday-Wednesday 0830-1500 hrs (Thursdays and Fridays OFF)

--DHL Afghanistan:
+93 700 276 363

--TNT Afghanistan:
+93 700 822 000

--FedEx Afghanistan:
+93 700 286 028 / 29

Lonely Planet Guides (PDF):
Here you can download some useful digital lonely planet guidebooks.

- Lonely Planet Afghanistan, 1st Edition 2007 (6 MB)

- Lonely Planet Beijing, 7th Edition 2007 (12 MB)

- Lonely Planet Central Asia, 4th Edition 2007 (8 MB)

- Lonely Planet China, 10th Edition 2007 (40 MB)

- Lonely Planet China's Southwest, 3rd Edition 2007 (16 MB)

- Lonely Planet Dubai, 5th Edition 2006 (12 MB)

- Lonely Planet Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, 3rd Edition 2008 (7 MB)

- Lonely Planet India, 12th Edition 2007 (27 MB)

- Lonely Planet Iran, 5th Edition 2008 (10 MB)

- Lonely Planet Istanbul, 5th Edition 2008 (13 MB)

- Lonely Planet Middle East, 5th Edition 2006 (13 MB)

- Lonely Planet Moscow, 3rd Edition 2006 (4 MB)

- Lonely Planet Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra, 2nd Edition 2008 (21 MB)

- Lonely Planet Russia, Belarus, 2006 Edition (16 MB)

- Lonely Planet Shanghai, 4th Edition 2008 (15 MB)

- Lonely Planet St. Petersburg, 5th Edition 2008 (16 MB)

- Lonely Planet Trans Siberian Railway, 2nd Edition 2006 (9 MB)

- Lonely Planet Turkey, 10th Edition 2007 (17 MB)

This may scare you: I take no liability nor responsibility for the accuracy of any information related to the safety, security and/or any other travel related tips whatsoever/howsoever, of any potential traveler who visits Afghanistan on the basis of information provided here.

The information provided here is entirely my sole opinion about the country and may/could contain errors and/or can differ from reality, please always use your own sense and other information sources when it comes to traveling anywhere in the world.

AJ Rais

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