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Hello fellow health-minded people! this is a group for people from Northern Californa, as well as people from all over the world who appreciate pesticide-free, organic foods! help spread the word, and meet others around the globe who prefer healthy lifestyles =)

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Created: Apr 8, 2008
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Magdalena Diaz Magdalena Diaz moderator 04/08/2008
Menglan Athena FanMenglan Athena Fan moderator I love eating healthy and cooking healthy 07/23/2008
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AJ.CAJ.C 09/11/2013
Aliex StandingBearAliex StandingBear I am Organic & Holistic! 07/12/2013
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Kati HinkkanenKati Hinkkanen Love organic! 04/05/2014
Anthony Crosman Anthony Crosman gain tips and tricks 08/20/2013


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