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Egypt Cs organization


This is the place where City, Country, Global and Nomadic Ambassadors can meet, discuss and comunicate.

Members: 11
Created: Apr 9, 2008
Type: Public
Moderated: Yes

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Ehab Maher Ehab Maher moderator 12/21/2008
Anoud HassanAnoud Hassan moderator 11/12/2009
Tarek Taha Tarek Taha moderator 04/09/2008
Haytham Sabry Haytham Sabry moderator 11/12/2009
Mahmoud SolimanMahmoud Soliman Cairo Ambassador 08/21/2011
Wessam FayedWessam Fayed Ambassador of Cairo 08/17/2011
Gopo Gopo moderator & founder of Cairo group 05/04/2012