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Last minute couch


This group is for everyone looking for a last minute couch, and everyone that would'nt mind last minute hosting.

When posting, please include the city/state/country in
the subject line so that potential hosts don't have to systematically read all the posts to know if they can be of some help.

When subscribing, please answer the "why are you joining?" question with your location so that someone can look through the members to find hosts in the area they are looking for.

Thanks a lot and happy surfing!

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Created: Jul 15, 2005
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P-Y Beaulieu P-Y Beaulieu moderator Because last-minute couch is cool, especially when you need one 07/15/2005
Jonathan McClainJonathan McClain I Lived in Bangkok 10/28/2010
Sam AbdaSam Abda I am looking for a lastminute couch to surf 07/18/2010
Sally Waters Sally Waters Because at some point I will need a last minute couch. 03/13/2014
David WyllieDavid Wyllie Lancaster 04/19/2014
Gabriella and BartekGabriella and Bartek Because I have only two days to find a person who can host me and my boyfriend... Time is running out, that is why, we have thought about joining this group. 02/14/2014
Rebekka PlankRebekka Plank 04/19/2014
eMmanuel Troya eMmanuel Troya testing this group... 06/26/2013


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