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CouchSurfing censorship-free!


The worst part of censorship is *** ** ** ** * * ** * ** * *

$$ $** * *Gg$*G* ** * .

Would you like to read texts like above?

I think that everybody is free to say what ever he wants until he is not offending explicitly other people.

CouchSurfing is not yet censorship-free.

I hope you will help me to make cs censorship-free, it is an interest of anyone I think!

Please help me to convince the CS Leadership to do not censure anymore, you can help bye sending an email to http://www.couchsurfing.com/contact.html with this words: "CS censorship-free" (or something else).

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Raphaël REBECKRaphaël REBECK "Je n'ai jamais approuvé ni les erreurs de son livre, ni les vérités triviales qu'il débite avec emphase. J'ai pris son parti hautement, quand des hommes absurdes l'ont condamné pour ces vérités mêmes" (VOLTAIRE, à propos d'HELVÉTIUS). 01/28/2009
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