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3rd Sunday Potlucks, Philadelphia (check guidelines, please)


Please join the group if you would like to help with planning, choosing locations and promoting 3rd Sunday Potlucks in Philadelphia!

Your participation is important and appreciated, so we hope you'll join us in making the 3rd Sunday Potlucks a reality!

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Created: Apr 14, 2008
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Rich Murray Rich Murray moderator Philadelphia ambassador. 11/29/2012
Dan VetranoDan Vetrano moderator I'm there... 08/08/2008
Sourav BoseSourav Bose Would love to potluck 08/04/2012
Chris O'Brien Chris O'Brien I love cooking, eating and sharing. 11/14/2011
Heidi KayHeidi Kay I enjoy potlucks and trying different homemade foods 12/27/2012
Rico EberliRico Eberli 02/23/2014
Daniel MontellDaniel Montell Dude's gotta eat - great company doesn't hurt! 03/16/2014
FLORIDAVEFLORIDAVE almost like Thanksgiving at Grandma's, except no drunken uncle ;-) 07/13/2009


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Levittown MMM Pot luck (Another revision!)Janson Stewart-  03/21/2009
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December Potluck, anyone?Dan Vetrano6  12/14/2008
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Re Passing onthe torch.Gary Lupyan2  09/23/2008
Passing on the torchDerek Wallace2  09/18/2008
Buses from the airportGlenn Drake1  08/27/2008
08/17/08 - What to bring to the potluckDerek Wallace16  08/19/2008
08/17/08 - Location for the PotluckDerek Wallace1  07/31/2008
08/17/08 - Carpool & directions for potluckDerek Wallace-  07/29/2008
Philly ConnectionsGlenn Drake2  07/28/2008
07/20/08 - What to bring to the potluckDerek Wallace8  07/22/2008
07/20/08 - Carpool & directions for potluckDerek Wallace5  07/11/2008
07/20/08 - Location for the potluckDerek Wallace6  07/08/2008
June 2008 Potluck - Date, Time & LocationDerek Wallace12  06/21/2008
Dogs?Matt McNally2  06/21/2008
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