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Welcome to Frankfurt Am Main.
This is the NEW Official CS Frankfurt Am Main Group for the CS community.

Creating this new group we want to PROTEST against the new Places Pages that we found horrible and really useless.

For those searching for a last minute couch:

Emergency Couch Request Group


- English-German
- French-German
- Russian-German
- Italian-German
- Japanese-German
- Spanish-English
- Learn Korean
- Russian in Frankfurt

- Frankfurt casual Football
- Frankfurt casual Badminton
- Frankfurt Basketball Ignition
- Frankfurt Snowboarding
- Frankfurt Volleyball
- Geocaching Frankfurt

- Salsa in Frankfurt am Main
- Frankfurt, COOKsurfing
- Meet & Eat Homedinners Frankfurt area
- Frankfurt Chess Club
- Frankfurt Book Club
- CS Pets Frankfurt
- Electronic Music Frankfurt
- English movies @ Turmpalast
- Film Club Frankfurt
- Frankfurt Film Crew
- Fleamarket / Flohmarkt (Frankfurt)
- Freecycling, search & find; buy & sell in Frankfurt
- Frankfurt Geek Club
- Frankfurt Longtime Rental
- Frankfurt Photography
- Musicians in Frankfurt
- Sights & Feedback
- Individual meetups in Frankfurt
- Frankfurt Kicker lovers

If you are coming from or to FRANKFURT HAHN [HHN], you might want to consider checking out this group:
- Frankfurt-Hahn airport/Eifel-Mosel-Hunsrück

For a Bus-Shuttle from Hahn [HHN] to Frankfurt,
please check the website of Bohr Reisen (schedule)

Some general Information for you:

For tips and answers to often asked questions, please check the Group Guidelines first.


CARSHARING is the cheapest way to travel in germany.
- www.mitfahrgelegenheit.de in german
- www.carpooling.co.uk in english, click on i.e. Germany instead of UK

If you are looking for TRAIN connections: - www.bahn.de

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Frankfurt - Strategic board games (German games)646

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