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This group is dedicated to all CS that are viseu, serving to try to join in knowing who goes by CS, viseu, who knows we can not conhecermo us all.
But who want to know who wants to join viseu and it is welcome

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Created: Apr 16, 2008
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Fernando MrquesFernando Mrques moderator 04/16/2008
Nuno Cunha RibeiroNuno Cunha Ribeiro stud 01/13/2011
Agnieszka RadziukAgnieszka Radziuk 12/09/2013
katy Martinskaty Martins I use ;) to live around 07/14/2012
Luis SilvaLuis Silva 07/25/2012
Julia PrzenajkowskaJulia Przenajkowska I'm going to visit viseu soon, but i get a little bit confused with finding out info in english about the city... maybe someone would help me? :) 04/13/2014
Bruno e Gabriela FerrazBruno e Gabriela Ferraz I Born in Viseu eheh ;) 07/28/2010
David TeixeiraDavid Teixeira 07/28/2013


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I am in Viseu and have a free bad 28/31 marchValentin Serban2  03/28/2014
anyone free to host a CS on the 12th november?katy Martins-  11/12/2013
CoffeeEmilia Lasota1  11/10/2013
What about a meeting???katy Martins9  11/08/2013
Meeting in Viseu!!! Event is created!!!katy Martins-  11/06/2013
feira de sao mateusEmanuel Santos1  09/17/2013
Preciso de sofá urgente!Dudas Rodrigues-  07/21/2013
adivice of a CS in Budapestkaty Martins1  07/16/2013
just arrived!Niccolò Berardi-  07/03/2013
Portugal de bicicleta / chegando em Viseu hojeJakob Endelweber-  07/01/2013
Having a drink in Viseu tonightClément Sénéquier-Crozet-  05/06/2013
Coming to ViseuHEADINGEAST1  05/04/2013
FESTA TROPICAL / TROPICAL PARTYClément Sénéquier-Crozet1  04/27/2013
Last minute couch 22 /23 MarçoPedro Borges2  04/15/2013
CS meeting in ViseuClément Sénéquier-Crozet-  01/29/2013
Sabado 8 de Dezembro - Festa Tropical / Saturday 8th of December - Tropical PartyClément Sénéquier-Crozet-  12/06/2012
Caminhar e apanhar cungomelos / Walking and pick-up mushroomsClément Sénéquier-Crozet2  10/24/2012
Our housewarming party!Pınar Şener7  10/24/2012
sofá nos finais de semana!´´MINHOCA´´ Andrade-  10/15/2012
Grupo couchsurfing Viseu no facebook / Viseu couchsurfing's group in facebookClément Sénéquier-Crozet-  10/14/2012
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