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A great place to meet Travel Companions

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Created: Apr 19, 2008
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NomadLynette NomadLynette moderator I wish to meet travel companions for anywhere in the world 04/19/2008
Kathleen Larson Kathleen Larson Setting out o travel nd would love o have travel companions 03/22/2014
Dean VanZwoll Dean VanZwoll Wouldn't it be great to share travel experiences with the right person! 01/25/2013
HOPPY1HOPPY1 Planning to back pack around the world......., but I'm a bit nervous !! 09/28/2010
Angela FinsterbuschAngela Finsterbusch I'll be travelling Sept 2013 till May 2014 03/15/2009
Ludo Kockelkorn Ludo Kockelkorn I'm visiting Vietnam during summer 2014 01/04/2014
Sylvia RothSylvia Roth Looking for travel-partners 50+ 12/07/2013
Roger O Ebanks Roger O Ebanks 50+ 11/28/2011


Travel Companions 50+ & 4x4D33

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Africa Feb to April 2012Jocelyn Lalonde3  05/25/2011
looking for travel companions for 2 weeks in dec11/jan12Gerrie van Dijk-  05/07/2011
A piece of Art for all Goodwilling peopleCatania-  04/21/2011
Culinair vacation exchange here in Palermo for your vacation offerCatania3  04/09/2011
travel buddy for April 2011RITA Froemgen-  04/05/2011
Come in and join over thousand of entusiastic group membersCatania-  04/02/2011
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