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This group is a sub-group for people from Hedmark, people who live here and people who want to come here to visit.
Through this group we can arrange CS meetings for our county members. For me it is too far to go to Oslo for a Tuesday meeting, but Hamar or Elverum is two centers that can easily be reached from most of Hedmark, even as an evening trip.

Maybe we together can create interest in our county from people all ages and interests, and thereby make Hedmark more attractive to couchsurfers from all over the world.

Touristinformation for Hedmark:

NSB Rørosbanen Hamar-Røros: http://www.nsb.no/timetables/timetables_-_search_results/?timetablesearch-departure_station=HAMAR&timetablesearch-arrival_station=R%C3%98ROS&timetablesearch-view_all_day=true&timetablesearch-monday=monday&timetablesearch-tuesday=tuesday&timetablesearch-wednesday=wednesday&timetablesearch-thursday=thursday&timetablesearch-friday=friday&timetablesearch-saturday=saturday&timetablesearch-sunday=sunday


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Created: Apr 19, 2008
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ANNEGRETEBJ ANNEGRETEBJ moderator 04/19/2008
Sjoerd Venema Sjoerd Venema considering a trip here 09/23/2013
GRIANGRIAN I know great people there ;-) 09/26/2010
Tove IhlerTove Ihler I am from Hedmark 12/28/2013
Mette Eliseussen Mette Eliseussen Because I live in Hedlamrk when I am in Norway 12/29/2008
Ilya SkalerIlya Skaler I've moved from Wellington to Hamar 04/11/2013
Kent Are OlsenKent Are Olsen Live in Kongsvinger, Hedmark. 07/30/2010
inta Armaneinta Armane living nearby 10/05/2011



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Flagged postsModerator 1  04/22/2008
Wilderness cabins.. kinda secluded.. where to find them?Sjoerd Venema1  12/28/2013
CS,ers!! Check out the event I made for this coming friday in Hamar!Emil Börjesson1  02/24/2013
recommended accommodationAniko Klein-  10/20/2011
hello CSersMrMilanovic-  10/01/2011
Roadtrip Kongsvinger to Krakow on Friday 15th July.AGILA-  07/10/2011
hotel central,tomorrow,1euro,11pm,concertSybille Klubkowski-  01/14/2011
Is anyone in Hamar right now?Shalaida Lopez1  01/13/2011
Second cs meeting in ElverumGOSIAFROMSZCZAWA-  11/12/2010
need a couch 24th - 26th septemberPueblo Feliz-  09/09/2010
1st CS meeting in HedmarkGOSIAFROMSZCZAWA-  09/08/2010
In Elverum Soon !!!CASTAWAY-  05/10/2010
Couch for 1 nite in country sidePraful T-  05/01/2010
request for a couch ???Sébastien MEJEARD1  01/28/2010
Nyttårstreff på KoppangANNEGRETEBJ4  12/08/2009
Meeting :)GOSIAFROMSZCZAWA1  08/26/2009
Hedmark Group 2009ANNEGRETEBJ1  04/19/2009
CS-treff på Hamar lørdag 3. mai!ANNEGRETEBJ-  05/02/2008
Any serious surfers from the Hamar, Elverum and Østedalsregion?ANNEGRETEBJ-  04/22/2008