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There's a lot of things going on in Berlin that's not in the mainstream media or that is only known about by word of mouth. This is a group for those things.
Festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, plays, book releases, movies, anything of interest!
This is a group for people living or going to Berlin or others who are interested in knowing about what's going on.

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Created: Apr 20, 2008
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Judith Kow.Judith Kow. 09/21/2013
stefan Kstefan K 07/05/2013
arstenarsten because I can... 09/11/2012
Kerstin alias Mia Kerstin alias Mia looking for some people with simular share of mind/ heart :) 01/03/2014
InterfidesInterfides 03/11/2014
Michael ImmermanMichael Immerman 04/15/2014
DkroDkro 12/29/2013


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Poll: cinema film YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY 18.4.2013MHILKA1  04/18/2013

Group Posts

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Record your acoustic songs with meMatt Kemp-  04/01/2013
Nähunterricht für den DeutschunterrichtGenista Jurgens1  03/28/2013
26.03. free jazz, postmodern punk, electronic concert in XB-LiebigAleksandra Lech-  03/25/2013
BOTOX TOMORROWLeen Horsford-  03/20/2013
Kunst gegen BaresAljOshAmusic-  03/19/2013
Three Colours Red (Folk, Old School Hip Hop, bodybeats & Tap)Matt Kemp-  03/19/2013
Open Stage - 2nd and 4th Thursday each month!Matt Kemp-  03/12/2013
New Surf Fest Booking for September!Matt Kemp-  03/08/2013
Animator Wanted for not for profit groupMatt Kemp-  03/06/2013
Utopia - 8 Days of Love, Peace and HarmonySteve Hofmann5  03/04/2013
Hitchhiking and wwoofing in summerSabine Admine-  03/03/2013
Berlin's famous punk cultureDaria Vakhrusheva5  02/24/2013
Tonight "TV Noir" in Heinmathafen NeuköllnDaniel Mouratidis-  02/24/2013
Bio-energy healing/Chakra diagnosticsAleksandr Divonin-  02/24/2013
Yoga studio shared in WeddingJeannine Taege-  02/23/2013
Naked Folk Music PartyFaina Karlitski-  02/21/2013
Sophie Hunger in huxleysImke Möhlmann-  02/20/2013
Padeltennis - New Sport from Spain in Berlin !Alexander Hillbricht-  02/10/2013
Freeganed food to ba taken!Mitbewohnerin-  02/08/2013