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Bonn & Cologne CS Organisers


This group is for anyone in Bonn & Cologne who wants to help organise CS events, encourage new members, work on the Wiki, and brainstorm any other CS-related activities. We meet as often as needed to work on plans and projects. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. This group is only moderated to avoid couchrequests, but is still public to view. If you would like to join just email us. If you're new to CS or trying to become more active you are especially encouraged to join. We need new ideas and want to open up the community to everyone. Plus it's just fun to meet more CSers!

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Created: Apr 25, 2008
Type: Public
Moderated: Yes

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Tom Asten Tom Asten moderator Bonn City Amb & Motivated CSer 04/25/2008
Finn Kölzer Finn Kölzer moderator Challenging Ulf's title as the King of CS in Cologne 12/13/2008
Roland TorkaRoland Torka 05/13/2008
Clement*Clement* 06/09/2008
Daniel VukicevicDaniel Vukicevic 05/13/2008
Aka Thomas Aka Thomas 05/13/2008
MFLMFL 11/09/2008


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Flagged postsModerator 2  05/28/2008
Farewell Party on Friday in BonnFUNTHOMAS-  06/28/2009
Meeting famous Heydi (BBQ)Tom Asten-  06/18/2009
Celebration: Couchsurfing 1 Million - Bonn group 500!!!Tom Asten-  03/22/2009
Monthly MeetupSHEEPDONTSWIM-  01/07/2009
Meeting in GummersbachAndre Vilar-  01/04/2009
Meat and GreetSHEEPDONTSWIM1  01/02/2009
New Years Eve/SilvesterSHEEPDONTSWIM-  12/26/2008
Christmas Market MeetupTom Asten-  12/14/2008
Cookie baking sessionRosy Chacon7  12/13/2008
Meet & Greet at Finn's BarSHEEPDONTSWIM-  12/08/2008
Google MapSHEEPDONTSWIM1  12/06/2008
anyone still alive in here?FUNTHOMAS11  12/05/2008
Cologne Tour v2.0SHEEPDONTSWIM-  11/27/2008
Free hugsRosy Chacon1  09/11/2008
KOBLENZ InvasionChristian Bayerlein-  08/03/2008
Rhein in Flammen in KoblenzChristian Bayerlein-  08/03/2008
Next regular CS meeting for activity planning?Roland Torka22  07/24/2008
KOBLENZ Invasion !Globestoppeuse19  07/16/2008
Bonn/Cologne Organisers meetingGlobestoppeuse-  07/15/2008
Music festival 18/20 JulyRosy Chacon-  07/08/2008
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