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This groups is for everyone you want information about Yamanashi, the country of Mount Fuji and for couchsurfers who live in Yamanashi to make a meeting and exchange idea.

If you like to meet new people and to have fun, join us !

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Created: Apr 28, 2008
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Olivier RenaultOlivier Renault moderator 04/28/2008
Yu NezuYu Nezu i was born in yamanashi 12/10/2011
anti-eggplantanti-eggplant coz I was born in Yamanashi! 03/22/2009
Nakata KazuNakata Kazu 04/14/2013
Naoko IchimuraNaoko Ichimura I'm a Yamanashi native! 08/19/2011
Vanessa MyhoVanessa Myho I heard they have great food.. 01/29/2014
Akari HagiwaraAkari Hagiwara Since im in Yamanashi 02/15/2011
Mizuki HoriuchiMizuki Horiuchi I'm from Yamanashi 06/15/2013



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Poll: What do you think about Yamanashi ?GNOLIVOU9  05/10/2016

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