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Adventures on the Great Silk Route


The Great Silk Route! It is so mysterious! There are so many different countries located! So many religions, languages, customs, traditions, habits, cuisines!!! The real spicy Aroma of the Orient!!!Let’s discover together! It is the crossing of West and East!
SAMARKAND!!!BUKHARA!!!KOKAND!!!HIVA!!!FERGHANA!!!ANDIJAN!!!All these ancient cities are waiting for You! I live in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. You are warmly welcomed at my home!!

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CaravansarayCaravansaray moderator 05/01/2008
Almira SingatulinaAlmira Singatulina I can help with a trip to Uzbekistan. 04/01/2014
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Ambarish ShivaAmbarish Shiva because i'm planning to travel along the silk route next year 09/27/2013
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Laziz KhujakeldievLaziz Khujakeldiev bcs I live HERE! 07/22/2010
Al CoffelAl Coffel My dream trip 01/12/2014


Road trip on Great Silk Route 1-
Silk Route by bike2-

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Gilgit-Baltistan the Jewel of Pakistan!Zafar Baig-  12/31/2013
Dream to meet/see/speak/travel in UZBEKISTAN with ALL of this NICE GROUP!!!Caravansaray Kizi11  11/23/2013
A great continuation of the silk road...Crew wanted: Sailing from INDIA to INDONESIA, NEW GUINEA, PACIFIC ISLANDS (SOLOMONS, VANUATU) NEW ZEALANDGerd Fehlbaum2  11/01/2013
Hagia Sophia in the SpringScott Mock-  10/03/2013
a travel mate to India-From the land of incredible culture to the land of Perfectness_Davood Soltani-  09/28/2013
South KazakhstanLidia Krasov-  09/23/2013
3 times on the super Great Silk RouteWally .S Waladi-  07/31/2013
Ukraine - Russia - Kazakhstan - ChinaJoel Myles12  07/30/2013
Silk route by bike!GORKA_HYNVERT1  07/28/2013
Mustagata International Expedition 2014!!Karim Tajik-  07/24/2013
Hitchhiking the Silk Road!Bart Crezee33  07/07/2013
SEATTLE and TASHKENT are Sister Cities!Caravansaray43  07/05/2013
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