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Guerilla Art Project NYC Summer '08


Join us for a super fun guerrilla art project around NYC!

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, here's a blurb from www.kerismith.com/blog/archives/000079.html, "Guerilla art is a fun and insidious way of sharing your vision with the world. It is a method of art making which entails leaving anonymous art pieces in public places. It can be done for a variety of reasons, to make a statement, to share your ideas, to send out good karma, or just for fun."

We had our launching party in mid-June and are continuing with "Installation Parties" around the city. We've managed to get a few up outside the city & there's been some interest in spreading the project. Collaborators anywhere can add their photos onto guerrillatree.blogspot.com. Read up on there about the project & check out the guerrilla map on there.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with this, putting out a good message & bringing some amusement to people on the street!

Look forward, coming soon to a tree near you! :-D

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L.N.A MOOR L.N.A MOOR moderator 05/08/2008
FLATIRONBETTY FLATIRONBETTY I'm fascinated by this... 07/01/2008
Johanna Astrid WeberJohanna Astrid Weber my journey 06/19/2008
SDUNCKER SDUNCKER to meet other artsy folks! 06/11/2008
Aja ZahraAja Zahra 11/06/2008
Joseph MorseJoseph Morse because I'm a poet and I'm coming to new york and I wanna cause some ruckus! 07/19/2008
Kate ClugstonKate Clugston i like trees too 06/01/2008


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