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Istanbul Urgent Couch



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Need a host in Istanbul at the last minute/emergency? Want to host people in Istanbul? Join this group!!

This is a Group dedicated to urgent couchrequests, especially for last minutes one. In this group there are the most active hosts in Istanbul.

If you have problems about finding a couch, you can try to leave a post here.

Just remember to be polite and follow the guidelines of the group.

Please note that this group is for Urgent Requests first and foremost - If your travels bring you to Istanbul in a few weeks/months time, do not post here, attempt to use couchsearch tool and email hosts directly.

Before posting to the group - please ensure you have a full profile - it will increase your chances of getting hosted. You may need to contact a large number of people. Please ensure you try some "Maybe's" too!

Be smart about your safety, read these Safety basics and Safety tips!

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Created: May 11, 2008
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Shiizzle Shiizzle moderator To host people duh 09/29/2009
ReloadedInfiniteReloadedInfinite moderator I may host c'sfrs last minute 12/05/2009
Erkan OnurluErkan Onurlu 08/24/2010
Darren MartinDarren Martin need a couch 04/15/2014
Cengizhan ErtürkCengizhan Ertürk Bangkok'dan selamlar, aranıza katılmak istiyorum. 09/18/2012
MOURADIST MOURADIST to host 01/04/2010


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