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Vama Veche - VV


is a place with no limits... with no borders... a place that we would like to keep it the way it was: commercial-free!

a place where u can put ur tent,
respect the nature around u and it respect u back!

also for important info, like maps, transportation info, what to visit, etc read here:

For urgent couch requests:
Please dont post them on the city group but use Romania Emergency Couch

all events will be updated here as well:

if you are here and and want to get rid of smth or need smth else, you can go in the

You can also experience some good times while Ride Sharing Romania

more will be added!

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THOMAS.BornTHOMAS.Born loving it 08/12/2013
PIPERRPIPERR the place to be 08/10/2011
Marius ChivuMarius Chivu 09/11/2012
Jakob ÉeeJakob Éee because........... vama veche is one of the greatest places I've ever been to and you have the greatest craziest and nicest time there, camping on the beach... looking at the sea, meeting great people,... nature 04/09/2012
Daniel Burkard Daniel Burkard i love VV 09/22/2010
Lia Ecaterina OlteanLia Ecaterina Oltean 07/11/2011
Elvira CandreaElvira Candrea de ce nu 11/19/2013
Antonia D.Antonia D. special place 05/14/2010


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Research InvitationLia Ecaterina Oltean-  04/01/2014
Vama veche!peter Katona payer-  06/26/2013
vama veche the end of September 29-30 septemberDani Vlasie1  09/29/2012
vama veche today till next weekCorina Deac-  09/05/2012
ciao , free your spirit in vama :)Daniela Mois-  08/26/2012
VamaVeche in AugustMAURIWILLIAMS11  08/12/2012
Anybody got some spare seats in a car going to Vama this weekend?Ioana Iordache-  08/07/2012
anyone going to vama veche this weekend?Catalina Lovin2  08/02/2012
german band in romaniaSilvia Cojocaru-  05/29/2012
01st June Vama Veche/Constanta/somewhere cool on the coast?!Samantha Rycraft-  05/28/2012
do you have any old pictures/stories from Vama Veche?Ioana Serban1  05/25/2012
I need a ride from Bucharest to Constanta this evening/tomorrow in the morningIna Kes-  05/25/2012
VV in May.Alessandro da Fonseca4  03/21/2012
Vama Veche!Anca Marin-  01/16/2012
Meeting La Constantin Acasa!Constantin Furtuna-  11/11/2011
3 locuri spre vama?Andreea Spinu-  08/20/2011
Vama - next week or around this timeStefania Antonescu-  08/20/2011
VV on 25.8.?Lenka Eidlpesova-  08/18/2011
meeting in Vama Veche?! :)Catalina Lovin7  08/16/2011
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