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San Francisco Foodies


San Francisco Foodies

This group is dedicated to all people who love to eat, cook and discuss food! Please post anything related to cooking and eating, including restaurant reviews and recipes.

We plan to have monthly meetups at different restaurants to talk about food, sample new cuisines and meet new friends. It's a great way to discover and learn more about the culture and great food San Francisco has to offer. And of course, a fun way to connect with other Foodies in town! So tell all your friends to join and lets meet soon!!!

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Created: May 22, 2008
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Emmanuel Lemor Emmanuel Lemor moderator I heard the words: "Good food"? 05/23/2008
Hugues BruantHugues Bruant 03/15/2014
BOROTVLBOROTVL I love cooking & eating :) 01/16/2014
George IshiiGeorge Ishii Going to be visiting SF 03/16/2014
Syed ShuttariSyed Shuttari food 03/12/2014
VEE78 VEE78 Visiting San Fran Solo - Love dining out 03/08/2011
Peter Jackson Peter Jackson I love food 04/07/2013


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