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you are about to discover the Must-Do's, Hidden Treats and Secret Gems of Micro-Metropolitan Frankfurt..

Frankfurt is often seen only as a transit hub or a business centre, but it's so much more. Frankfurt throws more money at the arts than any other European city, so you'll most likely catch a ground-breaking exhibition at one of its museums. Poke around 'the thing' for the Hidden Gems of our young independant art scene. http://www.thing-frankfurt.de/home/cool/

At the city centre, one finds the historical Römer, Frankfurt Cathedral, St. Paul´s Church and the Goethe-House within very close proximity to one another, yet still within sight of the modern banking district. Close by, Frankfurt´s museum landscape is on show along the Main River on the unique museum embankment. Here, one has excellent views of Germany's most spectacular skyline, mirrored in the Main River.

And last but not least, and indeed difficult to believe, the financial metropolis is not a stone juggernaut, but rather a very green city! Several gardens are interconnected by a green belt and include awesome retreats such as the Chinese Garden, the Korean Garden, the Palm Garden and Campus' botanic Garden located inside Grüneburg Parc.

Please blog your day in Frankfurt here. If you like, please post a message with what you loved and hated about Frankfurt. Thank you!


Frankfurt City Card (Info in german and english)
you get free ride on the public transport and many many discounts on musuems, city tours and such. better check it out!

http://frankfurt-interaktiv.de/ (very nice site with tips but german only)

Frankfurt google map with Sights

(Play with the Zoom to find places of interest outside city center!)

Frankfurt Tourismus: City portrait

Frankfurt Tourismus: Welcome to Frankfurt

Subculture guide: The thing

The Arts / Theater / Music - The official event schedule

Young Arts Space

Art house cinema: Die Harmonie

Art house cinema: Malsehn Kino

Art space by Commerzbank


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