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Tandem Exchange


For people who would like to find / join language practice interchange meetings AKA "Tandem" as it's called in german.

How does it work?

You meet some native speaker in a relaxed place, speak one hour (or less - or more) your language and one hour the other language, teach each other about the languages. Thats it. Easy.

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Created: May 27, 2008
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tilllttilllt moderator 05/27/2008
Arianna RaccaArianna Racca 02/21/2012
Björn Munkbo Björn Munkbo 03/27/2014
Christian MaletzChristian Maletz 04/22/2013
Gernot Schroeder-WildbergGernot Schroeder-Wildberg I want to improve my English 12/12/2010
KLI-KAKLI-KA Spanish OR Catalan FOR ENGLISH or RUSSIAN 03/19/2011
Hans SchraderHans Schrader asked: german | offered: dutch 02/01/2013
Roberto GarcíaRoberto García I want to learn more German, english or something from norwegian, :) 06/24/2013


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Ich suche eine/n Tandempartner/inTama Cha1  07/01/2013
my german for your frenchBABSERA-  06/22/2013
German-Italian tandem (A1-A2)Marco Spallanzani-  06/21/2013
My Spanish or Catalan for your GermanLluís Burdils-  05/27/2013
Classical Chinese/Cantonese/Sanskrit/Esperanto for your Latin or Ancient GreekMikrotigro-  05/23/2013
My spanish/ english for your français...Tomás Hyland-  05/23/2013
My French for your SpanishNoémie Bigeard2  05/23/2013
Your German for my Italian or photography lessons in EnglishIdan and Emanuele :]-  05/23/2013
Expert German Speakers Needed!Simon Williams-  05/22/2013
Chinese German TandemHongWang-  05/15/2013
My Spanish or Catalan for your GermanLluís Burdils-  05/14/2013
Your Portuguese, English, German for my Italian, a cup of tea or a Yoga lesson :)Anna Scirè3  05/11/2013
does anybody want to teach me some spanish??? I'm too lazyFred Höschele-  05/09/2013
Portugues for my GermanEinfach Gitte2  05/05/2013
Your Turkish, my German!Viviane Petrescu-  05/03/2013
Tandem ITALIAN - GERMAN!!!Arianna Racca-  04/22/2013
German/English/Finnish/Swedish for your FRENCH!LAURA-H1  04/04/2013
Tandem German (me) <-> Spanish (you): Let's start from zero!Sarah Curth3  04/04/2013
Spanish for German :):):) español por alemán o inglésJUAN PARADA-  03/16/2013
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