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Walter TalensWalter Talens interested in visiting Mongolia 03/21/2014
Agathe DaudibonAgathe Daudibon Going to Mongolia during the summer 2014 04/17/2014
BRADENATORBRADENATOR I'll be in Mongolia 9th July - 27th July 03/02/2014
Daniel Ternes Daniel Ternes I like Mongolia and will live here for the rest of the year 04/16/2014
Dorota i BartekDorota i Bartek round the world trip and probably the whole july my husband and me will spend in mongolia:) 03/11/2014
ELSA.ELSA. coming back soon 07/13/2009
Kanageswari SingaramKanageswari Singaram Travelling to Mongolia from 24th May till 1st June.... Looking for travel buddies 04/20/2014
Luisa SchlierfLuisa Schlierf 04/20/2014


Mongolian travellers for May 201272
Ulaanbaatar capital city361746


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Poll: Ulaanbaatar CouchSurfing MeetingsManda1207-  09/01/2013

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how to... get a Chinese visa in Ulaan-Batar...Tobias Beck6  06/22/2013
Need help for my Mongolia visaFriska Simanjuntak1  06/22/2013
Horse riding contacts near Uliastay or Altay?Amos and Ruth Bouskila4  06/06/2013
Travel Buddies Wanted for 7/8-day Gobi Desert Toursijing Tan6  06/06/2013
tour buddies wantedVirginia and will Cartiel1  06/06/2013
MONGOLIA-TIPS for 11 days trip in JUNELena Zk1  06/04/2013
July 30 - August 13 in Mongolia.Lianne Bronzo-  06/01/2013
FriendshipsDouglas Sanchez-  05/31/2013
July 2013, 3weeks backpacking in Mongolia... travel buddies?Kwitko O_o4  05/31/2013
visiting in julyHıdır Celep7  05/27/2013
Some advices for our trip in MongoliaMylène et Fred Hersen5  05/24/2013
Mongolia Traveling PartnerPeter Wong2  05/23/2013
volunteer work in Khustain Nuruu national parkJoke Beernaert6  05/21/2013
ALGERIAN CS INVASION : DZAIRUSH 2013Sana Amine-  05/09/2013
Share Mongolia with the world, BE A PART OF THE "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT !!!Clément Elbaz-  04/29/2013
Anyone going to China (or coming from China)? Early to mid may.Manus M.-  04/29/2013
Summer School 2013 (May, 15-25) in Tsakir village (Buryatia, Russia). Apply now!AYUNA-  04/23/2013
Minivan RentalSebastian Ledermüller-  04/07/2013
I need info about travelling with public transport in MongoliaJoke Beernaert-  04/01/2013
greetings mongolia! do you like reggae?mega.g-  03/31/2013