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Zahariz KhuzaimahZahariz Khuzaimah Will be travelling in Mongolia 03/08/2014
András NémethyAndrás Némethy I'm planning to travel Mongolia for a mounth in August 2014. 03/12/2014
Liga  RudziteLiga Rudzite 02/20/2012
Can AydemirCan Aydemir I will be travelling in Mongolia in April 04/10/2014
Daniel Ternes Daniel Ternes I like Mongolia and will live here for the rest of the year 04/16/2014
ELSA.ELSA. coming back soon 07/13/2009
Olmo ChittòOlmo Chittò ...Final countdown! 03/08/2014
Javier Del Valle Javier Del Valle I am traveling to Mongolia 03/30/2014


Mongolian travellers for May 201272
Ulaanbaatar capital city361746


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Poll: Ulaanbaatar CouchSurfing MeetingsManda1207-  09/01/2013

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early flight at UB airport, any experience ?Alain Tauch2  03/13/2013
Social work volunteer in MongoliaMatteo Limiti1  03/10/2013
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trans siberia train trip (from UB to Taiga and back) tips neededHenry Lee9  01/09/2013
Any where to go around UB at this cold season?Henry Lee3  12/23/2012
Prj: Robin HoodAlex Molinari-  12/16/2012
concert at ubean cafe, friday night, 6 pm.Katia Ditzler-  12/13/2012
Anyone travelling to Mongolia OK in January.Oliver Fisher-  12/10/2012
visa keeps my DREAMS come true!!!!Serpil Ulker1  12/09/2012
December in Mongoliacal3332  12/09/2012
YURT Purchase?Shiren Rattigan5  12/09/2012
i need information about transportationBahador Amiri1  12/09/2012
staying more than one month. how to rent a room?Katia Ditzler5  12/09/2012