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Let's narrow it down and keep this to diving within an hour of Miami, Florida. Dive site reviews, dive shop reviews, recommendations, dive boats, Instructors, classes and general meet-ups and DIVING.

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Created: Jun 3, 2008
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Steffi PreisendanzSteffi Preisendanz I love diving! 06/19/2012
Harshal MMHarshal MM I wanna diveeee 05/25/2010
Derek WilliamsDerek Williams I want to find people to dive with. 03/16/2013
Thinh DoanThinh Doan Going to miami, want to dive 05/24/2011
Edwin de ZwartEdwin de Zwart 05/16/2011
Patricio AlonsoPatricio Alonso 07/10/2012
JPS0807JPS0807 will be diving in Miami shortly!! 01/05/2009
Sam SheinbergSam Sheinberg I love diving 09/28/2013


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Miami Dive SocialDanny Donegan-  06/30/2008