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Please surf and host carefully and be responsible,
Beware of travel businesses using CS to get customers and beware with those using CS as a Free hostel.
Read profiles and references before sending and accepting requests.

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Arjun ChhatkuliArjun Chhatkuli moderator To Provide the infos about Nepal. 01/29/2007
Irene+Carlos BGIrene+Carlos BG Visiting in November 2014... Yay! 04/23/2014
Simos SkouloudisSimos Skouloudis travel to Nepal very soon. 04/12/2014
Biplav MallaBiplav Malla As a local, maybe I can help travelers. 03/25/2014
Aryal PrasadAryal Prasad I am Nepali 09/03/2007
Belinda SwankBelinda Swank I am travelling to Nepal on a regular basis. 07/04/2011
Mira DrahosMira Drahos Going to Nepal in April 04/01/2014


*I love Nepal*390471
March Party in Nepal1-
Nepal also for gay friendly people21
Nepal female travellers113
The majestic Himalayas7558
Volunteer Foundation Nepal1-
Volunteering Free in Nepal with a local family.243110
Why to go Nepal?4836


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Poll: All female rafting trip!!Rekz20121  04/20/2014
Poll: anapurna hike 3days-for beginner i cant stay longer-need company!MELISSA0609-  05/17/2013
Poll: WE CAN DO IT..ANJAN.DALLAKOTI2  12/12/2012

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Flagged postsModerator 2  01/13/2011
anyone CouchSurfing-addicted currently residing in Jhapa district?Viera Valentová4  04/07/2014
Travel mate from the 15th till 29th April? Independent Traveling/TrekkingJakob Schachtl-  04/07/2014
Anybody looking for something to do on April 13/14 Nepali New YearBelinda Swank3  04/06/2014
Travel-buddies April 20th-26th!Reza Marvasti1  04/05/2014
Anyone in Kathmandu up for a drink today?Dámaris Yus1  04/05/2014
Need some information about transportation @NepalLele Lau2  04/05/2014
Nepali - Mandarin Chinese TranslatorMahadevan Anantharaman1  04/05/2014
looking for companions for adventure sports at PokharaDarshana Gupta1  04/04/2014
nebody planning bhaktapur nepalese new year on 14/15?Darshana Gupta-  04/04/2014
Love to meet up for lunch/dinner buddies also for poonhill trek, 10th to 21st AprilJacob Pang-  04/04/2014
Looking for buddies between 9th April and 6th MayMira Drahos-  04/01/2014
Trekking or hikingJason Gutiérrez3  03/31/2014
Hiking in Kathmandu. 1 and 2 on April.Jason Gutiérrez1  03/31/2014
In Nepal from 30th AprilHugo Reguera1  03/30/2014
Looking for trekking partner Everest base camp first week of April 2014Joe De Macedo1  03/28/2014
Planning Poon hill 5th aprlDarshana Gupta-  03/27/2014
Kathmandu meetup on the 28thMary Grace Bangoy-  03/25/2014
Help translate postcards for a better world into NepaliMats Blakstad3  03/24/2014
Meetup tonight? Especially if you want to join forces for trekAddi Feinstein1  03/23/2014
Kathmandu meetup on march 22nd?Addi Feinstein5  03/22/2014
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