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TOMOMI_O TOMOMI_O moderator I live in Yokohama 01/01/2009
Kyoko Nishiyama Kyoko Nishiyama moderator part of my whereabouts 06/28/2008
Hanako Kakuta Hanako Kakuta I live in Yokohama for over 6 years :-) 08/15/2010
Junki YamamotoJunki Yamamoto 04/27/2013
Frank ZaalFrank Zaal Moving to Yokohama 04/20/2013
Shekhar GuptaShekhar Gupta 04/06/2014
Kyoko OnishiKyoko Onishi To do host and interact people who come to Yokohama. 04/13/2014
Yuichiro KAKINUMA Yuichiro KAKINUMA Because I live in Yokohama. My house is close to the Yamashita park and China town. 11/03/2012


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Suggestion: Yokohama walking tourMarkus MARKUS12  04/16/2014
ohka river walking on April 8TOMOMI_O-  04/02/2014
Visting Yokohama, anyone want to hangout?Toan Ly-  04/02/2014
Ohanami in Yokohama on April 6TOMOMI_O5  03/27/2014
Ohanami light-up in Sankeien gardenTOMOMI_O-  03/22/2014
Peugeot World Tour - a call to arms!Niccolò Berardi-  03/22/2014
Looking for a Japanese/English translator for our wedding project in Yokosuka!Liz Truong-  03/16/2014
Looking for friends to go ski with in MarchKohtaro Shida2  02/23/2014
Flat ShareRika Yotsumoto-  02/18/2014
Ice skating & Drink this Friday.TOMOMI_O8  02/14/2014
Car share to Kyoto, Golden weekAlexandra Produnova3  02/13/2014
Two months in Yokoham in July and August 2014felicie Eymard3  02/04/2014
superbowl?Colin Dieck-  02/02/2014
Fitness/Private lessons YokohamaAlexandra Produnova5  02/01/2014
Socialising, Hangouts and exchange languagesKeiko Saito-  01/17/2014
Moving to Japan in few monthsRafael Ferrin2  01/12/2014
Hakuba ski/snowboard trip (stay one night)Hanako Kakuta1  01/08/2014
Looking for a place to rent near Yokohama stationFrank Zaal1  11/25/2013
Drinks tonight!Hanako Kakuta2  11/15/2013
Music show on 22nd (Fri) in Yokohama (Minami Ohta)Hanako Kakuta-  11/14/2013
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