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welcome, the ones who live in Nara, or ones who love Nara!
you may have heard of Nara already, but there are tons
of wonderful places from tombs to travelers'
cafe in old style Naramachi;)
There are three world hearitages here, the complex of temples and shrines from 1300 years ago(Todaiji, Kufukuji, Gangoji, Yakushiji, Toshodaiji, Kasuga Taisha) in the ancient palace site, the oldest
wooden temple(Horyuji), the monk's training path in
deep mountain(Kumano Kodo) and medieval woods.

Nara is so early bird that everything closes at 5 or 6pm, and there are only karaoke places and some bars around afterwards;)
If you wanna experience Japanese culture, I recommend you to stay in Nara and live like a monk;p

You can find some pure Japanese stuff here since the palace and culture had been moved to Kyoto after 74 years of Nara palce era.

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Shogo HoriuchiShogo Horiuchi moderator 10/12/2010
Sao MizSao Miz 03/30/2014
KOZUE-KKOZUE-K I grew up in Nara. I love Nara's relaxing atmosphere. Come to Nara! 09/08/2010
SILVERSONGBIRDS SILVERSONGBIRDS Visiting Nara in Spring 2014... 08/08/2013
Ludo and NatyLudo and Naty We are planning to visit your city soon . 12/01/2010
yu.mi.koyu.mi.ko 02/13/2010
Léo LEQUEUCHELéo LEQUEUCHE I live in nara for 1 month, koko de atarashii hito to aitai ! 04/11/2014


2010 Heijo Palace 1300th Anniversary1-
Nara International Film Festival6-

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