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Autostop. Hacer dedo. Trampen. 搭便车. 無銭旅行. ωτοστόπ. автостопом. Stopošana. 히치 하이킹. Thumbing. Come in!


The upcoing events in the hitchhiking community are generally posted here, on Hitchwiki. Add yours !

Got news ? Please post about it first and then email Anick-Marie to have them added.
Hitchiking websites:

-Hitchwiki (free hitchhiking guide)
-Hitchbase (spots database)
-Academy of Free Travels
-Le Pouceux (French)
-Anick-Marie's Hitchhiking Links Database

If you don't know how to update Hitchwiki, please just ask for help in the group!

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Hitchhikers Poetry, Movies, Blogs, Oneliners, Books, Songs, etc. Todo sobre la cultura de autostop (poesia, pelicula, libros, e104
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Hitch hiking on the silk route13560
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Hitching for Hope - Hitch hiking the world for victims of war22
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Race To Riga2042
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Poll: best destination imagesudemahmoodi2  02/10/2015
Poll: Once Upon a time, God placed the world’s choicest things in Africafredrickwilbert-  12/31/2014
Poll: HH in UK lorej.7  02/15/2014

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Flagged postsModerator 7  03/07/2013
Hitchhiking from Budapest to Istanbul and Kurdistan Iraq in May ?Ádám Németh5  04/16/2014
next week Kunming to LaosNikolay Dubrovsky-  04/16/2014
Come to china,visa and job provided!Elena Gilbert-  04/16/2014
Hichhike from Leipzig to FreiburgAlinki -  04/16/2014
Learn Chinese and Start Your Career in China.Elena Gilbert-  04/16/2014
30 abril- 11 mayo Mexico DF hasta guanajuato, ags, y otro sitiosEva Liegard-  04/15/2014
Iran and Central Asia this summerEmilio Martinez10  04/15/2014
JULY & AUGUST - an expedition - France and Spain - Canada - Sri Lanka - Patagonia - depends on youHáňa Gottwaldová1  04/15/2014
Spain, Portugal, Marocco.... ?Julia Pepsikoala13  04/15/2014
Georgia, Armenia - May/JuneBianka Nagy-Timcsuk6  04/15/2014
crossing the Atlantic Ocean by boat for FREE - looking for travel-buddy (November 2014)Joanna Sobota4  04/15/2014
from Transylvania to Spain in MayAdrienn Tollas-  04/15/2014
hitchhiking in Spain/Portugal in MayNadia Volkova-  04/15/2014
HH İsrael early MaySuzy Paul2  04/15/2014
hitchhiking buddy for eastern europe (15.-23.april)Dajana Gnehm1  04/15/2014
from peru to mexico! looking for companion/s , end feb onwardsJaco Cheshire Cat10  04/15/2014
HH from Pai,Thailand to Malaysia :PSnow Queen2  04/15/2014
Hitchhike UgandaZULAIKA Birungi1  04/14/2014
HH around Netherlands April 2014 - partner wanted!Jenny Tung2  04/14/2014
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