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Daniele CassanoDaniele Cassano whatever you say about North Korea something is beyond dispute,it's fascinating! 02/21/2012
THOMAS.BornTHOMAS.Born wanna go there 03/15/2013
Tom Hong KongTom Hong Kong wanna 03/14/2014
Peter Reisner Peter Reisner 12/11/2011
Moroccan ChopsticksMoroccan Chopsticks 04/01/2014
Nancy 王 Nancy 王 want to give advice on travel nk 04/05/2011
Sven SerranoSven Serrano Went to DPRK in February 2012 08/02/2013


North Korea April and May trip45
North Korea September trip78

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Four days of DPRK travel events in Shanghai sponsored by Koryo ToursSven Serrano1  02/18/2014
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Share North Korea to the world, BE A PART OF THE MEANWHILE MOVIE MAKING PROJECT !!!Clément Elbaz-  04/29/2013
Music played in streets of Pyongyang ?Costi Sam.3  03/24/2013
Hey guys! Travel to North korea sometime on April 2013aileen Tan1  01/04/2013
Community activitiesAlex Molinari-  12/16/2012
My DPRK experience with photosMark Shea4  12/01/2012
universal picturesPavla Cermakova-  11/06/2012
three stupid questionspeter Naumann11  11/06/2012
Why do the north Korean people don't revolt against the dictatorsThe Knight ,8  10/21/2012
was just in nk in august, didn't know about oppa gangnam style :o(ROSAMEDSTUDENT-  10/12/2012
Video featuring North KoreaMark Shea-  09/24/2012
American-English LanguageYOBLACKBLACK-  09/11/2012
travelling to North Korea in October?!Marina Naomi Noack6  09/06/2012
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