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Daniele CassanoDaniele Cassano whatever you say about North Korea something is beyond dispute,it's fascinating! 02/21/2012
THOMAS.BornTHOMAS.Born wanna go there 03/15/2013
Tom Hong KongTom Hong Kong wanna 03/14/2014
Peter Reisner Peter Reisner 12/11/2011
Moroccan ChopsticksMoroccan Chopsticks 04/01/2014
Sven SerranoSven Serrano Went to DPRK in February 2012 08/02/2013
Nancy 王 Nancy 王 want to give advice on travel nk 04/05/2011


North Korea April and May trip45
North Korea September trip78

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Spring Festival trip to the DPRK (January 25th - 1st February)Gareth Johnson-  11/09/2008
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September 2008 CHEAP TRIPGareth Johnson-  05/05/2008
Booked - Paid - Ready!Gareth Johnson-  02/19/2008
Come to North Korea for the May holidayGareth Johnson-  01/19/2008
Know anyone doing a MASTERS IN THE ARTS?? Then I want to meet you!Patryce Bak-  09/28/2007
Just returned from DPRKPeter Tissington-  09/27/2007
How cheaoGareth Johnson-  07/23/2007
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