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all about maldives...

The time-honored Maldivian greeting, be it to a visitor or friend; it denotes the islamic culture of the people and comes with a fervent wish for peace. For centuries our shores have been a haven of peace and tranquility for travelers. Hospitality has been an inherent part of Maldivian culture and a part of island life. It has always been a land where visitors are welcomed with open arms, where people are ready to share. Today we share our immense wealth of natural beauty and cultural diversity with the rest of the world. Welcome to Maldives!

Maldives is believed to be a destination full of heavenly beauty. You will realise this the moment you step your foot on this wonderful islands. The actual beauty of the islands is never portrayed on a picture. You need to visit here to see how much admirable the islands are. Its about 1200 islands scattered across huge distance.

Maldives is a self governed republic and very homogeneous society, with one race, one language and one religion. This makes Maldives very peaceful community in terms of domestic violence and cultural problems. People tend to be very friendly and welcoming to the tourist arrival. That’s why perhaps in few decades Maldives has grown to become one of the number one destinations for tourists.

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