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EuroTrip Summer 2010 is intended for people visiting Europe in summer 2010. Please share itineraries, plans, routes, guides or anything dealing with traveling! This is also a good way for people to find other travelers that they could possibly meet up with.

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Mariza MeliaMariza Melia moderator 06/18/2008
Johan LamersJohan Lamers Europe is great 11/21/2009
Kaylin StephensKaylin Stephens going to the South Pacific summer 09, so Eurotrip got pushed back to 2010! 01/26/2009
Luke BoxallLuke Boxall road trip june - july 05/15/2010
Greg MillsapsGreg Millsaps A family of 5 planning on trip to Europe summer of 2010 05/30/2009
Alberts JermacansAlberts Jermacans hm.. I love travelling. 08/01/2010
Pedro  SilvaPedro Silva who can me offer a sofa ? :P 08/11/2009
DJ YabisDJ Yabis 07/07/2012


Music Festivals in Europe, Summer 201042

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First Time In Europe, Almost No Money, No Plans. Advice, Partner for Hitchhiking Travel?Jessica Perelman5  07/08/2010
Hitchhiking - Praha, Wien, Venice, Mont Blanc maybe Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and BerlinAnna Wutkowska3  07/07/2010
Seeking travel companions or recommendationsKate Ellis-Hill3  07/05/2010
NEXT DESTINATIONSLuiz Gomes-  07/04/2010
WHOS GOING TO EUROPE?!Patrick Cho2  07/04/2010
Eurotrip in JulyAudree Gervais8  07/03/2010
Do we cross paths in July?Jessica Viviana Toledo Aranda-  07/03/2010
Now through July 20, looking for travel partnersMichael Moe13  07/01/2010
Looking for eastern Europe travel partner, now till July 5DLANDIS2  07/01/2010
SUN FLOWER FESTIVAL 2010, maybe a good station on the tripWIEGALD-  06/29/2010
Packing TipsSarah Thomason2  06/28/2010
Doing Europe NOW! :DArturo Uriostegui1  06/28/2010
Travelers cheques??Eugenia Fernandez1  06/20/2010
Urgent! Please any advice, help, suggestion regarding changing airplane ticketsJessica Viviana Toledo Aranda1  06/15/2010
Best way to get to Paris from LondonKarl_1.6183  06/15/2010
Peeyush Aras Need advice- Europe Backpack Trip 10th-30th august 2010Peeyush Aras2  06/15/2010
Eurotrip in AugustEl_Ruso4  06/14/2010
ANYBODY IN PRAGUE THIS WEEKLuiz Gomes-  06/13/2010
HostingLuiz Gomes-  06/12/2010
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