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Couchsurfing group for those who have been involved, are involved, or want to be involved with the Sanssouci Collective, and those who've had positive experiences at the Sanssouci Collective house or with Sanssouci Collective members.

sanssouci: (adv.) [French sans: without + souci: worry] carefree, easy, open.

sanssouci values: activism - art - music - learning - vegetarianism and veganism - free education - change - social justice - human rights - animal rights - connecting people and communities - sharing and expanding ideas - sustainability - environmental justice - reducing waste - deconstructing all forms of oppression - celebrating

**note: sanssouci, for the time being, doesn't have a house. our lease was up in october and our landlord decided to not let us renew it.. so, if anyone knows of any potential collective houses/spaces, let us know! see ("YEAH YEAH YEAH!") below for more info on how you can help us get a house!

**way more important note!: sanssouci isn't about a house... sanssouci is way more than a house! it's about the genuine, awesome, loving, welcoming community that the sanssouci space helps create! be on the look out for sanssouci happenings wherever the sanssouci community decides to gather!

what we do (currently):
potlucks: come cook and share vegetarian /vegan food with us usually on monday nights starting at 8pm. free and open to everyone! check the message boards for details on the next potluck! if you'd like to host one while we don't have a house, let us know!

infoshop: free info, community library, activist literature, workshops, classes, zine library- all for you. if you are looking for certain books/zines/info, send a moderator a message.. a good portion of the library and zines are currently residing at monica's (on tucker just down the street from the old sanssouci house), let us know if you want to check them out.

movie nights: politically- and socially- themed films.

what we have done:
- created midtown food not bombs that served midtown from february 2008 to september 2008
- stirfrydays: monthly event/fundraiser where you can get your own specialized made to order vegan stirfry. stirfrydays often include live music and dance parties.
- house shows with local and traveling bands/djs including: the warble, the brockhamptons, peter and the wolf, jared micah and the hats, the artist formerly known as mind at large, university acid squad, and jim henson
-free workshops including alternatives to violence, nonviolent communication, menstrual activism, yoga, direct action, and animal rights organizing.
- art critque salon
-and many other awesome, exciting happenings!

sanssouci is what the people who participate in sanssouci want it to be. wanna see something? get involved! bring your ideas!

there's a group of us brainstorming and throwing around ideas (soon to be put into action) about creating more collective houses and spaces in memphis. (including a new home for sanssouci) right now, the idea is to start a non-profit that would help buy collective and cooperative spaces. it would serve as an umbrella network for all of these potential collectives. this non-profit would *only* serve as a means to easily aquire space and help with long term sustainbility for the collective community in memphis. each collective would be completely autonomous from the non-profit allowing for it's members to decide on it's purpose and actions. potential spaces could be collective houses, artist spaces, restaurants, infoshops, food co-ops, etc.. bascialy, if someone has an idea about a collectively run space, this non-profit would help assist in making it happen. if this idea sounds interesting/intriguing/inspiring to you, send us a message! we would love everyone's input on this idea and involvement from anyone who's interested! we'll be letting you know when we start meeting regularly to discuss this and start making things happen. feel free to pass on/share/yell/dance about what's going on!

Sanssouci <3s couchsurfers!

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