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I'm sure many of you dig couch surfing, but has it ever occurred to you how groovy it would be if we could take the concept and translate it to pianos? Just think of the possibilities it would open up, the potential for cultural exchange....

Well that moment has arrived!

Visit www.pianosurfing.com for all your piano surfing needs!

Many thanks to the couch surfing team for giving me their blessing.

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Created: Jun 23, 2008
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JBSJBS moderator 06/23/2008
Fione RettenbergerFione Rettenberger because I love my piano! 11/04/2013
Wen Shan FooWen Shan Foo coz I like to play the piano 10/18/2013
Sam SabataSam Sabata i love the Idea !!! Bring it on !! 11/24/2013
Anna FinchAnna Finch 03/09/2014
Olivia Klein Olivia Klein i need to surf pianos 05/28/2011
Hayden IsaacHayden Isaac 08/05/2011
Sara WafflepieSara Wafflepie 02/20/2013


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