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Nessie3 Nessie3 moderator To host and to meet other members 01/20/2008
Steve WrightSteve Wright moderator My Japanese family is all from Sapporo: in-laws, wife, daughter... 09/17/2007
Tatsunori AbeTatsunori Abe I live in Sapporo. 03/23/2012
Keita HaraKeita Hara I spent my teenage years here!! My hometown 01/20/2011
Shoko KazawaShoko Kazawa 11/13/2013
Tamy_37Tamy_37 Live in Sapporo 07/26/2013
Akito TsunedaAkito Tsuneda i will be moving to sapporo 03/16/2014
Masahiro KakizakiMasahiro Kakizaki I'm kinda new in Sapporo. I wanna make new friends. 01/04/2014


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I wanna try to help u travelrs! Let's b friends if u dont mind!!!Tamy_37-  04/18/2014
Anyone up for a Friday Drink tonight?David Lin2  04/11/2014
Visiting this weekend and looking to meet up.Tom FitzGerald-  02/28/2014
size 47 / 13peter Naumann4  02/12/2014
Looking for a couch! Feb4~Feb8Matthew German2  01/31/2014
Snow Festival CS meeting (8th Feburary)Shogo Hida1  01/30/2014
Apartment Share in Sapporo availablechad Baxter-  01/28/2014
Couch available Feb 8th and 9th?Lindsey Kuntz-  01/28/2014
Snow FestivalSimon Duczak-  01/15/2014
Will be around Sapporo Jan 19-Feb 1 if anyone would like to meet up!Adam Hagge-  01/10/2014
Recently moved to SapporoSimona Settepanella2  01/10/2014
Couch in Sapporo Feb 9 & 11?Alyssa Moore-  01/09/2014
Little hot pot party in sharehouseAndre Chi-  01/07/2014
Looking for Spanish speaker :)Kaori Ueno2  01/06/2014
Moving to Japan in few monthsRafael Ferrin-  01/05/2014
What do you guys like to do on your free time?Masahiro Kakizaki-  01/05/2014
Dinner / 14th Saturday nightSammi Kakizaki4  01/05/2014
Hello, I'm currently living and working in SapporoWilson Daniel-  12/09/2013
Share riding -South of Hokkaido 11/1~11/4 or 11/8~Andre Chi-  10/23/2013
Sapporo 10.08-10.15Lukasz Dziechciarczyk2  10/07/2013
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