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Estonia can sometimes be a difficult place to find a host, particularly in the summer, and definitely if you've left things to the last minute and simply sent cut'n'paste requests to the top 10 search results. This group is to help you when you're stranded — not just when you've been too lazy to try. Don't forget that for most hosts CouchSurfing is about cultural exchange and meeting fun, interesting people — not simply running a free hostel.

So, when you make a request here, you're much more likely to get a positive reply if you:
* Explain why you're stuck: if you're hitch-hiking or cycling with less ability to plan far ahead, or your travel plans changed at the last minute, or had an arranged host who fell through, then people are much more inclined to help than if you just seem to be relying on this group instead of making personal requests
* Don't request too far in advance: if you've more than a day or two, then you have time to make requests
* Don't expect hosts to chase you down: If you're already travelling, don't simply give an international telephone number and expect people to contact you — check your messages when you arrive here instead.
* Give some indication of how long you'll be staying and what you plan to do here — if you're here to visit museums and explore the city different hosts will be interested in helping out than if you're here to party all weekend long.
* Make sure your profile is filled out — if you've no friends, no references, no photos, and nothing written about yourself, why should anyone trust you or want to host you? We're hospitable people, but most people like to know who they're inviting into their home.
* If you're travelling as a group, list the profiles for all the members, not just yourself (for the same reason as the previous one!)

And remember: for most hosts a personal request is many times more effective than a post here. So be proactive. This is a group full of hosts who are often willing to accept last minute requests. So look at the list of members of this group, read through the list archives, and contact some of them directly.

And, most of all, enjoy your visit!

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Tonis Valing Tonis Valing moderator Possible if possibility 08/24/2009
Ken Nakagama Ken Nakagama moderator 07/01/2008
Tony Bowden Tony Bowden moderator Group Moderator - can sometimes offer last minute couch 07/17/2009
Egle Saar Egle Saar I might help sometimes 01/16/2011
Aleksey YastrebovAleksey Yastrebov 08/13/2012
Saara MildebergSaara Mildeberg i might be able to help 03/14/2011
TANEL.JAANIMETANEL.JAANIME I am Estonian host 09/23/2012
Senthilnathan SivasamySenthilnathan Sivasamy Tallinn 06/12/2012