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Hello, dear CouchSerfer!!!!!!!!!!!!
It Welcomes you, Transnistria Group!!!!!!! Would You be a CS-er from "Far Away" or You are living here You are always Welcomed in Dnister Republic!!!!!

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Created: Jul 1, 2008
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paolo.liftpaolo.lift moderator Because i LOVE this land and the Transnistrian people!!! 07/01/2008
Jane KurdiukovaJane Kurdiukova moderator It Made me who I AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 07/01/2008
PascalevPascalev Want to visit , maybe this summer... 02/08/2014
Vassili Tchersky Vassili Tchersky 11/13/2012
Michael PatefieldMichael Patefield 10/15/2013
Ignacio MartinezIgnacio Martinez travelling 04/14/2014
Łukasz PrzysuchaŁukasz Przysucha 04/03/2014



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Poll: UUU HHHUUU The First CS meeting in Tiraspol???Jane Kurdiukova1  07/31/2008

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Travelling to Tiraspol on WednesdayIgnacio Martinez6  04/21/2014
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coffe and conversationGarbarska4  06/07/2013
Flag of Transnistria ?András Némethy8  05/02/2013
Coffee or TeaSander Hoogerbrugge-  04/25/2013
visit to transnistriaRobert Laszlo Bacsi-  04/18/2013
help with column/web series about drinking around the world.Brad Cohen2  04/03/2013
Two guys in town on the 28th!Max Stella-  12/24/2012
Visiting Tiraspol december 11-12Aron Coceancig3  12/10/2012
I live in Tiraspol.Lena Glinka2  12/09/2012
Odessa->Tiraspol->ChisinauCristian Renedo1  11/27/2012
давайте встретимся (( let's meet ))HAJI7  08/17/2012
Privet tiraspol Ireland callingDONAGHKEBAB-  08/10/2012
Camping sites in PMR?RACHMATOV-  07/20/2012
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